Spring Clips



Optional Extras

None P35 - Fits SC35 +£27.00 P45 - Fits SC45 +£37.00 P55 - Fits SC55 +£50.00 P65 - Fits SC65 +£60.00 P75 - Fits SC75 +£85.00
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Our spring clips are designed to fit our Bakelite plinths. These spring clips fit inside our Trophy feet, springing upwards inside the foot, allowing for the Bakelite plinths to be threaded onto the 1/4inch rod.

SC35 – 65mm Long
SC45 – 79mm Long
SC55 – 101mm Long
SC65 – 121mm Long
SC75 – 154mm Long

Engraving Information

Engraving not applicable for Spring Clips.


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