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Expert Engraving Completed In House

Firstly, our skilled Silvertrophy engravers use specialist software to lay out your text and graphics on the computer.  

Diamond Cylindrical & Flat Engraving – Silverware & Trophy Cups

The award is carefully secured in the engraving machine, and the diamond-tipped engraving head is moved into position. As each main body or surface area is different in size and diameter, it requires expert attention to detail alongside a wealth of past engraving knowledge to place the diamond in the right space. Furthermore, ensuring the computer is inputted with the correct information on the diameter to determine the amount of movement when engraving within the requested space.

With our prestigious trophies, we usually engrave deeply into the base metal of the award before it is plated; this ensures your engraving is deeply coated, resulting in a clearer finish.

The computer controls the process, enabling the diamond to engrave the design accurately.

It moves the trophy in synchronization with the engraving head, resulting in a highly detailed, precise and perfectly engraved design.

C02 Laser Engraving – Flat Wood, Crystal & Glass & Leatherette

After your design has been scaled, drawn out and approved using our bespoke engraving software, your award is secured flat into the engraving bed.

Your design is printed to size and laid on the product to ensure physical precision. Extra time is taken to ensure the personalization is central to the award using the faint laser beam from the machine guiding the central point. The bed is moved upwards to the correct height for the product to ensure an even engraving result. To ensure the award does not crack or break under heat pressure, we use damp newspaper to cool down the temperature of the laser beam on the product when it begins engraving. The machine is set to design, height and pressure and is ready to begin after another final check from a different Silvertrophy team member.

Our C02 lasers are approved to begin the engraving process. The computer controls the laser head, moving left to right, lasering off the top layer of the material. The process is always carefully watched by our engravers through the protected glass to ensure an even and perfect result.

Metafibre Laser Engraving – Shield fronts, Flat Metal Surfaces, Salvers & Medals

Your design is created and uploaded into our graphic design studio and scaled on the computer to suit the size of the award.

The award is placed within the machine on top of a flat, raised plinth and secured down. A red-light beam is shown on the award, indicating the center of the engraving area. Extra care and time are dedicated to ensure the red light is in the centre of the product. This is all completed by eye so requires extra attention.

Once approved, our engravers wear specialist eye goggles for protection against the laser beam. The process begins, burning off the top layer of the material. If we require a deeper result, the laser may be passed through the product more than once or twice to ensure a deep finish.

This process is a new, modern approach to diamond engraving. Some customers believe resulting in a more crisp and clear finish.