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Why Gifts for Employees are a Great Way to Recognise Performance

When it comes to running a business, it’s imperative to ensure that your revenues are as high as possible to reinvest, grow and plan for the future. Much of this comes down to the quality of the product or service that you’re offering, the price, branding, location and the market you operate in.

However, much of this also comes down to the quality of your staff. From the very outset, it’s critical that the right staff are hired from the off. Regardless of whether you’re a large multinational corporation or a small startup just starting to grow, hiring people with the right skills and experience cannot be underestimated. To attract the right staff, it’s crucial to build a culture around your business that people feel attracted to and engaged with. As millennials continue to make a larger proportion of the workforce, this is becoming increasingly important.

During the hiring process, it’s also very important to be thorough when deciding on who should join the organisation. This includes being rigorous on a number of parameters, not just skills and experience, although these are of the utmost importance. You should also consider character traits, personality, adaptability and whether they possess a proactive nature – which can be deduced from any out of work projects they are working on – are also critical. During the interview, test them under pressure and find out exactly who they are.

So, now you know that you’ve got the right staff on board, another challenge is ensuring that they remain motivated. Employee motivation is incredibly important and has a direct impact on the productivity of the business and, thus, the revenue that the organisation can achieve. Being able to fuel enthusiasm amongst the workforce for their work can be difficult, however, doing so successfully can help staff perform much better. Generating some competition and incentive is a great way to achieve this.

With that in mind, one such way of generating this motivation is to offer gifts and incentives to staff as part of recognising their efforts at work. These could be given on a regular basis or as part of an end of quarter or end of year celebration. Here we discuss why giving gifts is a great way to get the team motivated as well as some ideas on how to do so.

Offer Gifts, From Personalised Pens To Trips Away

One way to keep your workforce motivated and operating at peak performance is to organise a system of reward across the year that incentivises your staff on a regular basis. This can be achieved by offering them gifts and vouchers on a quarterly, monthly, weekly or even daily basis, depending on the type of work that they do.

This is particularly effective for the sales force of a business operation. Typically, salespeople are motivated by the promise of money and the prospect of winning over their competitors. They are characterised by a driven focus to accomplish their goals, a proactive nature, a deep sense of responsibility for what they do and for overcoming objectives as well as being optimistic and driven by ego. That last part might not sound too great on the face of it, but it should be seen as a compliment; it simply means that successful salespeople are looking for ways to measure themselves against their colleagues.

With that in mind, combining gifts with a sales league table is a great way to channel these natural characteristics and reward success accordingly. Often people want recognition for doing a job well and earning a significant amount of revenue for a company certainly meets that parameter. The league board could take place over a monthly or quarterly period – depending on the average sales lead times – and prizes for first, second and third could be given out. Third place could receive something relatively small like a personalised pen or leatherette wallet and the top prize could even rise to something as large as an all-expenses-paid holiday. The size of the gift depends on what is financially tenable, but having an exciting gift is a great way to really focus the attention of a sales team.

Organise an End of Year Event With a Glass Trophy For The Winner

A phenomenon that has continued to grow with an increase in millennial workers is the tradition of end of year parties and events. In fact, it’s hard to find a business that does not do them. For good reason, too. As well as being an excuse to get drunk with your work colleagues (and risk great embarrassment on Monday morning) these events have some real business and motivational benefits, too.

These events represent an ideal environment for staff and employers alike to get down to the same level for a night and communicate as friends rather than colleagues. These parties help to solidify a sense of the organisation’s culture, give members of staff something fun and work-related to look forward to which can boost morale. Moreover, it helps to engage the staff with the business, generates loyalty and really helps fuel team building which is imperative for staff cohesion.

Once the team have had an opportunity to get a bit merry and mingle amongst each other at the venue, it’s an idea to also set up an awards ceremony. Consider orchestrating a number of different categories – some serious and some fun – and provide trophies to the winners. Maybe even make it a black tie event and treat it as a work Oscars ceremony with photographers, a red carpet and an open bar. Engaging with your workforce and rewarding those who have been exceptional over the past 12 months, is a great way to end the year – and boosts the morale towards the next year. It’s something that people can share when they’re back at work and talk to their friends about.

Initiate a Gold Star Award System Throughout The Quarter

In a similar vein to having a league table for the sales team, another way to give gifts and reward your staff is by initiating a gold star award system across the quarter for other areas of the business. If your business is a call centre, you could award your staff gold stars for the number of calls they’ve taken or the quality of the calls they handle. If you work in marketing, this could be focused on the success of a specific campaign or the growth of a certain client or group of clients.

Whatever area you choose to implement this style of reward system in, having great gifts to give is a good way to get your staff performing at their very best. It’s important to shy away from giving money as a gift, but instead focus on items that most people would want. Things like technology, plants, coffee making machines, leatherette wallets, desk organisers, wine making kits and clothes vouchers. Providing gifts that are going to be attractive for most people and still have a bit of value attached to them is crucial in making sure these gifts are things your staff will actually want.

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