Wedding Anniversaries and their Meanings

Wedding ceremonies are steeped in tradition, from the Western practice of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’, to wearing white or throwing confetti. For many couples, their wedding anniversary is one of the most special days of the year, and each anniversary is also steeped in traditions and meanings of their own. Most people are familiar with a gold or silver wedding anniversary, but what about some of the lesser known ones, such as tin, wood or crystal?

Every year corresponds with its own material, but where did this list come from and what are the meanings behind it? If you’d like to know more, read on for just a few wedding anniversaries and what they represent.

1st Anniversary: Paper

Wedding anniversary years were first officially listed by etiquette expert Emily Post in her 1922 work, the Blue Book of Social Usage, although many had been around since Victorian times. Year one is represented by paper, to symbolise a ‘clean sheet’ as the new couple starts their life together. It also represents the fragility of a new marriage, with anniversary gifts becoming more luxurious as the years go by and the marriage strengthens.

5th Anniversary: Wood

Trees have traditionally been a symbol of strength, wisdom and the passage of time, so the wood anniversary represents developing roots and the relationship continuing to strengthen and grow.

8th Anniversary: Salt

A slightly more unusual entry, salt was a vital mineral in olden times; helping to preserve food, treat infections and used to barter and trade goods. The salt wedding anniversary is intended to mimic the importance of this mineral, and for couples to reflect on the essential qualities each brings to the marriage.

10th Anniversary: Tin

Tin is a pliable material that can be bent but not broken, symbolising that your marriage may have faced some tests but you are still strong as a unit. Traditional gifts include personalised tin boxes, candle holders, or if you’re feeling extravagant, diamond rings are often given as a ten year anniversary gift.

15th Anniversary: Crystal

From now on, anniversary gifts get more luxurious and expensive, to reflect the investment and time both parties have put into the marriage. Crystal symbolises the strength and beauty of many years together, but it also fragile, to remind couples that a marriage still requires a lot of effort and communication. There are many stunning crystal gifts available, such as these crystal champagne flutes.

25th Anniversary: Silver

Twenty five years of marriage is a huge achievement, and this is reflected by choosing silver to represent this milestone anniversary. Silver is one of the most popular metals, noted for its shine and brilliance which mirrors the ‘shine’ and growth of your marriage. Popular gifts include silver jewellry, cutlery, or an engraved photo frame.

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