Top Seven Christening Gifts

Even if you aren’t religious, christening ceremonies are very important events where people can pay respects to the children of friends and family. Nowadays it is customary to offer a gift to the child and their parents to celebrate this occasion. Here are our top ten gift ideas for a christening:

Money Box

There’s no better way to get a child saving than an ornate piggy bank. Maybe after a decade of saving the child can buy him or herself something he or she really wants.


Buying a good-quality necklace for a child’s christening is a stunning and heart-warming gift.

Teddy Bear

A teddy can quickly become indispensable for a young child, so a good quality one can be a warm and well-meaning present.

Rocking Horse

A retro wooden rocking horse can soon become a favourite in any child’s bedroom.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are a child’s toy that can be key to releasing their innate creativity. Educational, beautiful and the perfect heirloom, choose a handcrafted set that will last for years.

Baby Bangle Or Bracelet

A bangle or bracelet made of silver is something that is both beautiful and meaningful while remaining valuable into later life.


A classic children’s book (maybe signed by the author!) is an educational present that can get the child off to a flying start when learning to read.

Silver Trophy

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