Tips on How to Design an Award Trophy for Your Event


Are you setting up your own event? If you need a trophy, there’s always an option to move away from a standard cup or plaque. Why not design something that perfectly fits your specialty event? It’s easier than you might think.

Look at Other Designs

Pinterest and other photo sites are handy for finding images of existing trophies. While you shouldn’t copy any idea completely, there’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from what others have done. You’ll get more ideas and will start to come up with some thoughts on what you can design yourself.

Draw Up an Idea

Even if you’re not that great at drawing, a quick sketch of your idea is usually enough to get a designer going! You can even take an image of an existing trophy and make a few adjustments to it. If you really can’t draw, then you might try writing down your ideas to give to a designer, who can mock up a proper sketch.

Select a Material

What do you want your trophy made of? Your budget may determine the type of material you can use, but you have plenty of options. Everything from acrylic and glass or crystal to an assortment of metals or leatherette can be turned into an award. It’s up to you what your preference is.

Keep in mind that some materials are easier to create certain styles. For example, an acrylic or crystal trophy lends itself to laser engraving, whereas a metal trophy could be more elegantly shaped. Whether the piece is handmade using existing tooling could also affect the design style – depending on your budget.

You’ve come to the right place!

You’ll need a company that specializes in bespoke award trophies to complete the award you have in mind. Once you have the design finalized, send us your inquiry!

Alternatively, have an in-house design team, we will be able to help you with any ideas you might have. We can design your Trophy or Award in house using our team of expert Graphic designers.

All we need from you are the following details:

  1. Budget – how much do you wish to spend on your Award?
  2. Time frame – when is your ceremony or presentation?
  3. Material – do you have a specific material in mind?

Present the Trophy

Now you’re ready to celebrate your very own event with a brand new, bespoke award. All you need to do is set it up and present your trophy to the winner.

Ready to design and order your own bespoke award trophy? Contact Silver Trophy today for more information.

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