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2019 Silvertrophy Catalogue

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new 2019-2020 all in one catalogue!

We have over 200 new products that are available to order from stock. These include over 63 sporting achievement resin awards, 57 new Trophy Cups, 18 new motivational awards, Aluminium awards, the new Mini Cup range, fantastic new plaques, new Endurance awards and much more! Visit our ‘New Products’ tab at the top of your screen to view the whole new for 2019 range.

Introduction to New Products

Mini Cups

We have 51 brand new UK designed resin awards to add to our collection – the Mini Cups! These antique gold figurines are perfect for any budget or occasion, priced at only £3.99! These lovely little awards are perfect for a gift, presentation or sporting event – and are ideal for engraving on the gold mini engraving plate that is supplied on the front of the base of the award.

Some of our favorites are the quirky new cartoon themed designs, including the Selfie Queen, the Bandit, Loser, and You played like a tart! Take a look at our whole collection by clicking here.

Mini Cups on Silvertrophy

Endurance Awards

We are pleased to add some new re-designed products to our website, this includes the fantastic new Endurance Nickel Plated Claret Jug Awards. These new Jugs are now supplied with a plain design around the body of the Trophy, so this allows for more engraving of your logos, images or text. There is also a brand new 16″ size – a huge Claret Jug perfect for that winning competition. This looks superb once engraved, and is available in a variety of base options, including the round rosewood, square black heavyweight and the square rosewood. This Award is supplied Nickel Plated, but also in a gold finish! If your competition requires that extra special award, our new endurance Claret Jugs are also available to purchase in gold. This is one of our favorites!

The new re-designed Stableford Collection Cups and Claret Jugs are now available to purchase online, now more economical and better quality, these brilliant awards are ideal for engraving on the small band around the top body, and on the plinth band or plate supplied.


Not only these fabulous golfing related awards, we have over 22 new and improved Endurance Cast Awards available to buy online, in stock and ready to be dispatched to you! We particularly like the new gold and silver american style Trophies, the G and C1 series – that can be found by clicking here. These lovely new modern designed Trophies are perfect for engraving on the body or plate or plinth band supplied.

Ultimate Trophies & Awards

Simply the best Awards your money can buy! These awards are the finest collection of unique British masterpieces. Can you believe every single Trophy and Award in this collection is totally bespoke, manufactured by hand from start to finish. If the Award is hand chased, this makes your award even more bespoke and unique. Not one trophy will ever be the same! A unique work of art.

There are lovely new hand chased crown designs – perfect for Great Britain! They are available in either Silver or Gold plate and in either a regal crown or a winners crown.

Crown Trophies


Would you like a hard copy of all our products? We have a brand new all in one catalogue showing the finest presentation and golfing awards.

Please send us an email or call us to order your free copy now!

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