Gift Ideas for Travellers: Pen Gifts and More

Travelling around the world is one of the most exciting ventures that one can embark on. From experiencing different cultures and meeting new people from all walks of life to learning new languages, developing skills and building your character, there are so many benefits to reap from travelling. Not to mention the incredible sights you will see all over the world.

If there is someone in your life heading off travelling soon, there are lots of different gifts that you can buy to prepare them for their travels or to help them out along the way. After all, when it comes to travelling, you can never be too prepared. Read on for our top gifts to give to that special person in your life who is jetting off on their travels.

Journal and pen

The benefits of keeping a journal while travelling are endless. Our memory can be temperamental at the best of times, and travelling is something that one will never want to forget. Travelling the world truly is an incredible experience and something that may only be experienced once in a lifetime.

Buying a journal and a pen for someone who is going travelling is a great gift to help them remember their travelling experience. Over time, memories fade and small details become blurred, which is why keeping a diary while travelling is essential in order to remember all of the tiny experiences that make up one life-changing trip. It provides a traveller with a space to document their thoughts and feelings, as well as the contact details of people they meet during their trip.

Consider buying a journal that has pockets to store train tickets, receipts, notes and leaflets from their trip. Investing in a journal that also has blank pages for drawing is a great idea too; more often than not, travellers will be stuck on busses and trains for long periods of time, and this gives them a place to get creative and express themselves through art.

Travel bag

Buying a bag for a traveller is a practical gift that will massively help them out. Whether it’s a big travel bag to put all of their belongings in or a small waist bag to store money and other important valuables, this is a gift that they will definitely need before leaving to explore the world.

There are lots of different bags to consider buying the traveller in your life. Why not invest in a travel cord organiser bag to ensure that their various chargers and leads are kept safe and organised while they jet around the world? Alternatively, a toiletry bag can be extremely helpful and ensure that their toiletries are kept separate and organised – should something leak, clothes and other possessions in the bag will be protected.

Versatile scarf

When travelling, scarves can be extremely versatile and used for a number of different things which is why they make the perfect travelling gift. Besides being a wardrobe accessory, the multipurpose nature of the scarf means that many travelling problems can be solved.

A scarf can provide warmth and comfort on cold days and double up as a headscarf to protect your head in hot weather and from strong wind. Scarves can also be used as beach towels and picnic blankets; it’s not always convenient to lug a heavy towel down to the beach or nearby park, and a scarf is the perfect solution to this.

Alternatively, scarves can also be used as cover-ups on the beach, much like a sarong. A scarf can easily be wrapped around the body to provide some coverage or to shield you from wind on the beach. You can even use an oversized scarf to provide some privacy while travelling; simply hang it from the top bunk in a hostel to create a private space to sleep, drape it over some bushes during those times when nature calls and you’re simply not in the right place, or drape it over you to create your own private changing room.

A light scarf takes up hardly any room in a travelling bag yet can be used for many different things, making it the ultimate travel companion and saviour.

Portable charger

There is nothing worse than being caught out by a dead phone battery while travelling. Today, we rely on our phones for so many different things. We book hostels on them, save numbers and use them to keep in contact with our loved ones. Purchasing a portable charger for the traveller in your life is one way to make sure that they always have phone battery when they need it – particularly if it’s to speak to you and update you on their travels!

Portable chargers are small and easy to pack, and can be charged to ensure that they are always ready to use. Travelling often includes long journeys on busses and trains – something that can be particularly boring without a phone to listen to music or play a game on. Invest in a portable charger for the person going travelling in your life to ensure that they are never caught out again.

Microfibre towel

Towels can be heavy, bulky and inconvenient to pack for travelling, particularly if you’re lacking in space. When travelling, towels are useful in a number of different situations and can serve a number of different purposes. From simply drying after a wash to being handy on camping trips, at the beach or even in a yoga session, having at least one towel is pretty essential.

A microfibre towel is a fantastic all-round option. Lightweight, small and extremely absorbent, a microfibre towel is the perfect travel companion. After using a towel, it often remains wet for a long time which not only makes it heavy, but also very difficult to pack on the go. Microfibre towels dry in an extremely short amount of time, meaning that you can quickly use it and then pack it up dry, saving your bag from going mouldy or smelling. One final benefit of the microfibre towel is that it is antibacterial, so you’ll never end up with a bad-smelling towel, no matter how much you travel.

To save the person in your life from lugging around a heavy, bulky towel, consider buying them a microfibre towel as a gift to make their travels that little bit easier.

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