Four Ways To Get Your Students Motivated In P.E

As a P.E teacher, you’ll know just how difficult it can be to motivate certain class members to get active. Cries of “I can’t do it!” or “I’m rubbish at this!” echo around the sports hall, whilst the more able students get frustrated at their teammates for not trying hard enough, or at all.

Whilst a little healthy competition is encouraged, with children and young people this can quickly tip over into ruthless face-offs on the astroturf, leaving the less able class members on the sidelines scuffing their boots. If you want to avoid this situation and you’re looking to teach fun and inclusive P.E lessons, here are a few ideas to make sure everyone gets stuck in:

Build on students’ interests

Gone are the days of arduous cross country running and freezing cold hockey matches- now, P.E can incorporate all sorts of different ways to get moving. It’s a good idea to teach a mix of activities throughout the year that builds on what your students are interested in. Of course, teach classic competitive games like football, netball and hockey, but why not throw in some dance, volleyball and yoga too? You could do some research and learn games from other cultures; the kids will feel a part of something bigger and will be able to brush up on their geography too!

Utilise task progressions

Enabling your students to see their own progression is important for any school subject and the same goes for P.E. You should start with simple tasks and gradually build up to more complex activities so that the class feel that warm sense of achievement. For example, if you’re teaching cricket, you should start the lesson teaching the basics of batting, throwing and catching, rather than just throwing the kids into a full match where only the most able students will exceed.

Activities that promote success

Building on the last point, it’s important that you don’t set unattainable goals in your P.E. lessons. You need to ensure that you organise activities that are appropriately challenging- this means mixing teams of different physical abilities, as well as incorporating logic tasks so that the more academic but less sporty students can exceed too.

Encourage sportsmanship

Encouraging teamwork and respect for one another is absolutely essential in P.E. lessons. Students should understand – and truly believe – that “it’s only a game” as learning to win or lose with dignity is an essential skill in later life. Insist that students shake hands after a football match and encourage them to come to their own resolutions when debating over a foul. It also helps to avoid elimination games so that no one feels left out.

Offer awards

Whilst your students should feel included, having winners and losers is an inevitable part of sports and P.E. Offering glitzy trophies and colourful medals is a brilliant way to motivate the class to always give it 100%. Remember, don’t just award the most sporty students- offer medals and trophies for taking part, being helpful and putting equipment away, as well as reaching personal goals.

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