Four Ways That Entering Awards Can Help Your Business Grow

No matter what sector your business is in, it’s always good to take time out during the year to reflect on your achievements as a whole as well as the individual accomplishments of your employees. However, while this is a great way of motivating your staff, entering awards can have other positive effects on your business by raising your profile . To learn how, carry on reading this blog to find out more.

Attract talent

If you’re shortlisted for an award, or you’re lucky enough to be the winner, this will help raise the reputation of your business by showing your hard work and ability to meet goals. Your firm will become attractive to new talented recruits, meaning you’ll be opening your business to a pool of the best employees your business could have. Staff retention will also be easier, as current employees will recognise that they’re part of something special and the status or the company they work for.


Award ceremonies are full of your sectors most successful and influential staff, bosses and CEOs, and if you win an award or your business name is mentioned, this will put you in the spotlight and help catch the eye of one of these important figures. In the long run this could be the difference between having a big break or your company plateauing. The awards organisation can also help with exposure, as those involved in the ceremony may be mentioned across their social media pages and website, and you can detail your involvement in the event across your business website too.


If you’re looking for investment, you’re more likely to get it if your business has a track record of achievements and good results. Attending award ceremonies will put you in the radar of potential investors, and winning an award will make you stand out from the crowd and enhance the credibility of your work.


Having something to show for all of the hard work of your employees is a great motivator – not only will the event create a feel-good factor amongst the team, but your staff will get a taste for success that they’ll want to achieve again and again. Having a goal in mind will help everyone stay focused and determined to showcase their abilities individually and for the joint effort of the team.

It’s also important to show your own awareness of your employees achievements, and distributing your own awards is a great way to do so. Silver Trophy have a range of business gifts, corporate awards and bespoke items, making them the perfect gesture for your staff. Browse our website today to view our full range of stock.

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