Four Times to Give Awards

Awards are a great way of celebrating success in business as well as academically, and they often provide the boost that pupils and staff need to do better. From sporting events to corporate success, monthly, quarterly or annual awards are a great way of encouraging teamwork and making individuals feel appreciated. Carry on reading this blog to discover four times when awards can make a difference.

Sports events

Sporting events in schools such as sports days are a great opportunity to distribute awards. Although it really is the taking part that counts, there’s a lot to be said for showcasing the achievements of others – doing so can increase confidence, motivate and encourage participants to work harder.

Musical achievements

Whether your school band has made a large contribution to events across the academic year, or a particular student performed a show-stopping solo, presenting them with an award is the perfect way of recognising their achievements. This will also encourage pupils to get more involved in extracurricular activities, or try something new, and awards are a great addition to pupils record of achievement which is collated at the end of secondary school.

Drama productions

School productions require a lot of time and effort from students as well as teachers, and the end result should be something to celebrate. Why not purchase a bespoke award for some of those involved, or even buy a trophy for the whole production that can be put on display?

Corporate success

In business, meeting goals, hitting targets and securing deals are all part of the job, but this doesn’t make it easy. If you’ve noticed that your staff have gone above and beyond to do this, then show your appreciation by presenting them with an award – this is a simple yet effective way of making your staff feel like their hard work is being noticed and awarded. It will also create a good impression for new employees who will see that the efforts of current staff are recognised and appreciated by their employer.

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