Five Ways to Make Your Trophies Stand Out

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Most standard trophies are pretty similar and if you want yours to stand out a bit from the crowd, you’ll need to do something special. The winners will appreciate it, and the trophy will live on through history as being something unique.

Add a quote

This could be a quote from someone famous that fits with the type of award you are giving, or it could be a quote from a coach or someone influential in the sport or event that you’re awarding. These make the trophy more personal and can add a sense of value to it.

If the team or group has a special saying that they always use, you can put that on the trophy as well. The point here is to make it memorable and special, so look for inside jokes and fun phrases that are used.

Add a decoration

Something as simple as a ribbon can change the aspect of the trophy, or you can add an engraved design on the side to make it look a little different. Since metal and crystal can be decorated as desired, you can always add some extra designs to your trophy.

Another option, if you are using a cup trophy is to fill it with extra prizes such as sweets, gift cards, or anything else the winner would value. It will be a welcome surprise and one that isn’t quickly forgotten.

Design your own

Why not get creative and design your very own custom trophy. With all of our services in house we can custom make your Trophy & Awards designs in a matter of days. This is a great opportunity to create something that will stand out and look unique. It will also be specific to the event that the award is being given for.

Engrave a likeness

Instead of sticking to the details like names and what the award is for, you can get even more interesting and have the image of the winner engraved onto the Trophy or Awards. This works best if the trophy is a permanent one given to the winner, rather than one that will be given back at the end of the year. Alternatively, have a perpetual style of engraving on the Award – add the winners name, to a shared trophy or plaque.

Mix up the design

If you normally give out a cup, why not switch to a plaque? Or if you do plaques, opt for medals for each winner this year. This isn’t always possible, but it can be a good way to mix things up.

Trophies don’t have to all be the same. They can be quite unique if you put your mind to it! Whether you add a decoration or decide to design your very own award, there’s something for every level of creativity.

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