Five Ideas For Bespoke Trophies

After a year of hard work, there is nothing that shows the appreciation that your employer, teammates or colleagues have for your hard-working efforts better than receiving a trophy or award at an award ceremony. Standing in front of a crowd of clapping people who you respect while being handed a beautiful object that you can treasure for the rest of your life is very satisfying. When you are sitting and staring at your mantelpiece (or your trophy cabinet if you’re very successful!) years later, however, wouldn’t you rather the award be a beautiful, distinctive piece that is interesting to look at while also being a fantastic conversation starter? There are many different types of trophies and awards but sometime you might look at them and think that they all look a bit generic or samey.

With a bespoke trophy or award, the recipient receives something that is unique and can often be startlingly different from the bog standard design that most people might think of when they conjure up an image of a trophy. If you are part of the organisation that gives out awards, it is a great idea to consider how the shape and style of the trophies you hand out reflect on you. Think how instantly recognisable an Oscar or the World Cup is – both are designs that are obviously bespoke and look like no other.

Here are five custom ideas that might get your creative bespoke juices flowing:

Custom Trophies For Music Awards

If you are in the music business or perhaps run a music school, what better way is there of celebrating the achievements of someone than a personalised bespoke trophy that reflects the love of their life – music. Musicians are usually artistic people who enjoy unusual or unique designs, and an award that reflects this shows how much you respect their achievements and personality. An interesting trophy is not going to be packed away in a bag in the attic; it will be proudly displayed on a mantelpiece where it is showed-off and appreciated for all to see.

If the trophy is for someone in particular, a design that features something that reflects their role in music is a superb personal touch. An instrument such as a guitar, violin, trombone or a bassoon would look fantastic as a part of an award, with a delicately carved wooden form or exquisitely shaped metal matching its shape perfectly.

Wood Plaque Designs

Wood is a fantastic material for an award or a trophy as it is a material that has an earthy, traditional appearance and a feel that is a million miles away from a cheap piece of plastic mass manufactured along with 50,000 identical in some huge machine. A wood plaque can also be attractively shaped in a shield shape and can be combined with a metal crest or decoration for a vintage vibe.

Wood also comes in many different species that each has different qualities. Whether it’s the lightness of beech or the heavy old-style of an oak tree, a wooden plaque could be perfect for certain organisations.

Another option for wood is the use of a burning laser. This can be used to write words in an attractive manner or even make images using the concentrated heat to create different stunning tones and shades. Yet another option is going fully organic – an award made out of a strip of wood with the bark still attached is a striking and unusual look that is perfect for industries in certain sectors.

Crystal Trophy Ideas

Crystal is a material that exudes a cold, classy sophistication, and is, therefore, best suited to business or professional situations. The material is an excellent choice for recognising someone’s long and loyal service with a company or honouring a lifetime of achievement. Trophy engraving also looks great on crystal awards – a name or a message of your choice is an attractive finish.

Because the material is so elegant and can be made in any shape, long and thin forms accentuate its natural strengths. Strong and angular proportions with hard planes evoke the character of cut diamonds and other precious stones while looking expensive. Crystal is also the perfect material to exploit light; with shining light pouring down at an award ceremony, an award constructed from crystal can sparkle in many different ways depending on how it is cut. It can also be exhibited spectacularly using strategically placed lights in a trophy cabinet.

Objects Inside Acyrilic

If you are looking for a truly distinctive award or trophy for your ceremony or occasion then you should seriously consider one that places an object inside a transparent material. Not only do you get the exciting light properties that a transparent trophy or award exhibits, but you also get to place any object inside for a visually arresting look. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing what you want to place inside there (assuming it is not huge!), and the object can be something that is particular to the sector that the award is for or something that is special to the person receiving it. For example, if you were giving a trophy or award for the best employee for a vegetable or fruit company, imagine giving an award made of shiny plastic containing a bright green apple? Alternatively, if the recipient was a marine biologist, how good would a recreation of an eye-catching exotic fish inside the award be? The technique can also make a superb business gift.

Combining Materials

A combination of materials in your trophy can bring the advantages of each material while at the same time, producing a distinctive and interesting contrast. Glass gives a trophy a cold and futuristic vibe, wood a traditional craftmanship character, while metal is often synonymous with weight and quality. Metal and glass, metal and wood or glass and wood are some of the possible options that you can consider when ordering a bespoke trophy. A combination of two materials can also be employed to make an image on the trophy e.g. an internal wood base with a patterned metal layer on top to produce a likeness of a rugby ball for sports trophies.

Silver Trophy

Silver Trophy is a Stoke-on-Trent based company that is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best in awards and trophies. Our team of highly skilled and experienced staff provide products for a range of clientele including clubs, schools and corporate organisations. Silver Trophy is proud to offer competitive prices that allow everyone to reward the hardworking people in their organisations with the recognition that they deserve. We pride ourselves on our impeccable standards of customer service with a friendly but professional attitude to ensure that our passion for trophies and awards results in your award ceremony being unforgettable.

We also offer extensive bespoke options when it comes to our awards and trophies, so if your organisation is a little different or you demand something extra special or personalised for the recipient, please get in touch and we will explore what we can do for you.

Each piece that we make is handmade, built to the highest quality and are one of a kind. Silver Trophy is proud to provide employment in Britain from a specialist factory that utilises expertise and craftsmanship that dates back from Victorian times.

Call us on 01922 862431 or email us via for a speedy response from the UK’s leading trophy and awards company.

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