Five Great Ideas for Events and Corporate Gifts For Businesses

It’s a well known fact that how well you treat your employees can have a direct impact on their motivation levels and, in turn, on your business performance. A great way to show your appreciation for your employees is by hosting regular fun corporate events. Some of the many benefits of throwing regular company events include:

Stronger bonds within your teams

Corporate events can increase collaboration levels by strengthening the bonds between your staff members. Although it’s a work event, employees will get the opportunity to spend some time together out of their daily work environment. This will help individuals forge friendships and connections, leading to a friendlier and more collaborative work environment.

Greater employee knowledge about your business

Corporate events are a great chance for you to educate your staff about the company and its offering. A well organised event should include some link to your brand or information about the latest products or services.

Increased motivation levels

Everyone likes to know that their work is being recognised and appreciated. A company event is a perfect way to show your employees that you value them. You can also include some form of gifts for employees to honor their hard work and efforts throughout the year. This kind of recognition is linked to increased motivation in the workplace.

Clearly, there are a number of great reasons for business owners to throw corporate events. The question is, what kind of event should you throw? Well, there are a number of options to choose from. To kick off your event planning process, we’ve put together a list of five corporate event ideas:

  1. Corporate Sports Day

Who doesn’t love a good sports day at school? Recreate the feeling for your staff and bring out everyone’s inner child by throwing a corporate sports day. Even if you’re not a huge fan of playing sports yourself, there’s always a fun atmosphere of festivity and healthy competition in the air. There are so many opportunities for team building here. What’s more, it offers a great opportunity for all your staff member to spend some quality time with their colleagues outdoors. The fresh air and competitive spirit can result in a fun-filled day.

Nothing completes a successful sports day like a classic medal ceremony. Don’t forget to get some branded medals and quality sports trophies to give the winning teams something tangible to take home. A shiny trophy cup can be proudly displayed on their desks at work or taken home as something to remember the experience.

  1. Golf Tournament

Golf is one of the most popular activities of choice for corporate events. There are several reasons for this. Golf is a slow sport, and a corporate golf event allows partners to spend considerable time with each other. Your employees will have plenty of time to get to know each other in the beautiful setting of a manicured golf course.

They’ll be able to connect on a more personal level in a more casual environment than ever before. You can also use this event as an opportunity to partner up those employees that you think may need to strengthen their working relationships with each other.

Golf events are also a great choice for those of you who are looking to entertain a client. You will have sufficient time to mingle with your clients and tell them more about your business and services in a relatively quiet setting.

Of course, the competitive nature of the sport means you need to think about which golf awards to give the winning players. Luckily, we have a wide range of business gifts for you to choose from.

  1. Company Awards Ceremony

Give your staff members the chance to dress up and celebrate their work victories by throwing a glamorous evening awards ceremony. Of course, you can make this event as formal or as informal as you’d like it to be. The most important element is the recognition of hard work by both teams and individuals within the business. Prized could include classic trophy cups or other types of gifts for employees such as gift cards or holiday vouchers.

Amp up the fun factor by making your company awards a themed event. How far you want to go with the theme is up to you, but you can include everything from your decor to your entertainment. You could involve your employees in the planning process by asking them to vote on the theme they’d like. Theme ideas could range from anything such as the classic James Bond to the quirky Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It would also make sense if the theme has some sort of a connection to your brand or business if you can think of one! Any awards or business gifts given during the evening could also align with the theme to make it even more memorable.

  1. Team Building Treasure Hunt

Another fun and competitive corporate event idea is a classic treasure hunt geared at adults. This is another event which allows your employees to reconnect with their inner child! It’s also one of the best for team building, which is a key objective for many business owners planning corporate events.

While they require a considerable amount of planning, the great thing about treasure hunts is that they get your staff out of the office and moving around in a group. This activity is ideal for encouraging people to mingle and network as you can’t operate alone.

Your employees will get a chance to interact in different environments and they’ll have to work closely as a team to find everything. And one thing’s for sure – scavenger hunts are never boring! Remember to stock up on prizes such as old-school sports trophies for the winning team.

  1. Bake Off

Put your staff’s baking skills to the test with a good old-fashioned bake-off. Not only does this encourage healthy competition and team building, but it’s also easy to organise and gives you all the chance to feast on some delicious freshly baked goods. Staff members should be put into teams and tasked with creating two or three different food items within a set time during this hands-on baking challenge. The limited time will make it even more essential for staff members to work together as a team to get things done in time.

Bakes can be scored on their presentation and taste by a team of assigned judges. You can hold this corporate event in any meeting room or event space that can be transformed into a pop-up kitchen.

Amp up the competitive element by offering gifts for employees with the best bakes.


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