Events Where You Might Need a Personalised Trophy

Winning and success is an important state of human psychology that has pushed us forward across the ages. Striving to be the best, whether that’s in sport, academia or politics, has been at the forefront of the growth of society, the economy and culture. That psychological state of mind, coupled with astonishing talent, has given us athletes like Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet who can run half as fast as a sprinting African Lion. It also led us to the moon. The space race, a technological arms race fought between the US and Russia, was characterised by a desire by two opposing superpowers to be the best and saw us making huge strides in scientific discovery and achievement.

Taking things down a step or two, the psychological impact of winning has profound effects on us as general members of the public, too. In fact, something called ‘The Winning Effect’ has been proven to shape the way that we act more so than genetics or drugs. When someone wins, a large amount of both testosterone and dopamine is released within the brain and, over time and with successive wins, this can change the chemical makeup within the brain. It makes people smarter and more willing to take bigger risks. Similarly, ‘The Loser Effect’ sees people who lose challenges becoming more submissive over time.

In accordance with the effect that winning has on your brain chemistry, being rewarded with prizes and awards can generate more effort amongst participants. The promise of a physical and material recognition of success gives us something tangible to tack our ambitions on to. No matter how big or small a competition is, this desire to win is a hard one to ignore.

At Silvertrophy, we sell a wide variety of bespoke trophies for all occasions. So, no matter how big or small a competition, you can give the participants ‘The Winning Effect’. Here we explore just a few events where you might want to award some tailor-made trophies.

Using Bespoke Trophies As a Means to Motivate School Children

Some school children can be notoriously tricky to motivate. During the ages of 11 and 16, when we go to secondary school, many physical and psychological changes occur which can make kids unruly and apathetic to learning. Of course, this isn’t always the case, however, there’s no denying that getting school kids to try their best can be a challenge.

There are two core ways that motivation takes place; intrinsically and extrinsically. Intrinsic motivation is motivation that is fuelled by the prospect of internal reward. This means that the motivation comes from within and is driven because there is a natural pleasure in the prospect of learning and intellectual growth.

Here with this type of motivation, the rewards are not through winning something external, but from the positive emotions that you get from completing the activity. These emotions could be a feeling of progression, a sense of community or a sense of meaning.

In an education setting, the aim should always be to gestate intrinsic learning so that children develop a love for learning in its purest form. This involves generating a natural curiosity for a subject, competitiveness amongst peers, recognising a child’s progress and creating goals to reach.

However, intrinsic motivation is not always enough. Extrinsic motivation is fuelled by gaining something external from a success. This includes getting good grades and avoiding a scolding from your teacher.

It also includes winning awards, gifts and prizes as a direct result of a good performance. It’s important to find a balance between these two standpoints. There is a need to generate a natural internal curiosity and enjoyment for learning whilst utilising extrinsic motivation as a way to ‘kick start’ the process. A great way to do this is by offering trophies and awards to kids who do exceptionally well at school.

By offering a tangible reward for exceptional behaviour, work or effort, children who perhaps find it more challenging to be motivated intrinsically can work towards something extrinsically. This could be a trophy passed around the class on a weekly or monthly basis, a trophy to take home at the end of the year or an ongoing sticker system. These are far better than material gifts or financial incentives because these large rewards can sometimes mean that the children will try and put in the least effort for the biggest rewards.

Consider a Trophy As Part of a Package of Corporate Gifts

We all know just how popular the end of year party phenomenon has gotten over the years. It’s almost impossible to find a company that doesn’t utilise this tool to get everyone together at the end of the year for some drinks and a shindig.

These events help to cement a company’s culture and places everyone across the management and staff spectrum on more even ground for an evening. Some may see it as an excuse to get drunk on the company credit card, but it’s also a great way to refocus minds, provide incentive and boost morale.

One of the ways to provide an incentive for the ensuing year is by holding an awards ceremony for the previous 12 months. Consider hosting a black tie event with a red carpet. For example, there could be a number of categories which members of staff could win awards in. These could start with some serious categories like ‘largest sale’, ‘best work ethic’ or ‘best manager’ to some more silly categories like ‘best office mug’.

If you decide on running an end of year event, consider buying a number of personalised trophies or medals that your work staff can win to give them something tangible they can take home and talk to their mates about.

Award Some Sports Trophies For School, Work and Casual Sporting Events

The summer months just before the school breaks up often culminate in a school-wide sports day. It’s a great way to finish the academic year with some fun, fresh air and sporting competitiveness. It’s also a great thing for the children’s health, their discipline and raising their confidence. As most of the school will have to take part, these school days are an opportunity for kids who don’t spend a lot of time playing sports to go outside and join in as well as solidifying the passion of those kids who do.

To add another benefit to this, it’s worth considering awarding winners and runners up with personalised trophies and medals to take home and prize. These can go in the family scrapbook and remain a proud moment for the rest of their life.

However, it’s not just school children that can be awarded trophies. If you’re part of a Sunday league football club, a cricket club, golf club or any other sporting club, you could set up a friendly tournament and award the winner with a personalised trophy.

Get Your Bespoke Trophy Today From Silvertrophy

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