Eight Leatherette Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique and impressive present for a close friend or business associate? Consider a high-quality leatherette gift. There’s a range of different gifting items that you can get made of this material, and you can get them personalised to make the gift even more memorable.

First of all, you may be wondering – what exactly is leatherette?

Leatherette is a synthetic material designed to look and feel just like leather. As it’s made of vinyl or plastic, it doesn’t come with the hefty price tag of real leather. The quality look and feel of the material make it a cost-effective and impressive looking choice for presents.

Thanks to the increased use of leatherette in modern cars, the quality of the material has just improved over the last few years. It is sometimes even difficult to tell the difference between leatherette and actual leather – which gives you an idea of the great value for money it offers.

A major benefit of leatherette is how easy it is to clean and maintain, especially when compared to real leather. As it’s made up of a plastic-based substance, the surface is non-porous. This means any spillages can be easily wiped off without any staining or damage. A leatherette item is durable and built to last.

The easy maintenance makes it a great choice for your gifts as the recipient won’t need to worry about investing too much time or money in specialist cleaning materials to care for their new item. The luxurious look of the gift can be maintained without much effort at all. This is especially useful for those with kids!

Now that you’ve got a little more information on leatherette and its many strengths, here are eight ideas for great leatherette gifts:

  1. Credit Card Holder

A credit card holder is a highly useful gift for anyone. As you take it out and display it to the world so many times a day, how it looks is important. And not many people choose to invest in good looking credit card holder for themselves, which makes it a good gift idea!

A leatherette credit card holder looks slick and professional. Not only does the material have a high-quality finish, but it also looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. You can securely store all your business cards and credits in this nifty deep brown device. At Silver Trophy, it is possible to engrave a personal message before gifting this leatherette credit card holder. Which means they’ll think of you every time they take it out.

As a credit card holder is taken everywhere with you, durability is a must. The simple care and maintenance requirements of leatherette make it the perfect choice of material for an item that is used as often as a card holder.

  1. Leatherette Photo Frame

A photo frame is a great present idea for those close to you, especially if you gift it with a memorable photo already framed within it. With our leatherette photo frame, you can get a message engraved at the front, either at the top or bottom of the frame (or both!). The deep brown colour just adds to the luxurious look of this photo frame, while the black option brings out the colour in the photo itself.

This photo frame would be a great choice for a new baby present or a wedding gift.

  1. Personalised Pen Case

Get a luxury leatherette custom pen case for any of the professionals or students amongst your friends. This well structured case not only looks and feels expensive, but it’s also bound to impress colleagues and fellow students when you take it out. It’s possible to engrave the case at both the top and bottom to make it a more personal present.

Looking for a great business gift? This personalised pen case would be a fantastic choice of present to give any of your employees or clients as a business gift. The top half can be engraved with the company logo while the bottom half could state their name.

  1. Leatherette Wallet

A wallet is a classic gift idea for Christmas and other special occasions. A leatherette wallet has a timeless and chic look that will never go out of style, so your recipient can keep it for years. Our jet black leatherette wallet is a great gift choice for both men and women.

Get it engraved with their initials for a stylish yet thoughtful personalised present.

  1. Leatherette Key Ring

While a key ring in itself may not be a very unique present choice, it stands out a lot more if it’s engraved and made of a high-quality leatherette material. This nifty little leatherette key ring would make a great choice for stocking fillers or small presents for your staff members, clients or colleagues at Christmas time. It’s also a very budget friendly gift which still manages to be stylish with a personal touch.

  1. Leatherette Notepad Holder

This is one of those gifts that you’ll be tempted to get for yourself. Make your notepad stand out from the crowd with this small leatherette notepad with pen holder. You can jazz up any old notepad in an instant and impress your colleagues as you take notes in meetings. The great thing about this holder is that you can get it engraved with a logo or a name on the inside and outside to brand it yours immediately. It’s the perfect gift for professionals on the go.

  1. Leatherette Business Card Holder

Make it possible for your gift recipient to network in style with this leatherette business card holder. This compact but chic present can be made more memorable in an instant with some personalised engraving on the front and back.

  1. Coaster Set

Coasters are a functional and often bland item that everyone has in their home or office, but this set of 6 leatherette coasters can make them a little more stylish to look at. You can amp up the uniqueness of these coasters by getting them engraved with a message of your choice.


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