Christmas Gifts have arrived!

Christmas Gifts

Winter is here….Christmas is coming!

We know how hard and how much of a struggle it is going out to the shops amongst the Christmas shoppers, looking for that ‘right’ gift. Perhaps this year you do not want to give something ordinary, how about something personalised – shopping from the comfort of your own home!

Our website is ready for business 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. So if you’re more of an early morning shopper, or a late night buyer – we are here for you!

We have specially selected some of our favourite gifts from our collection, just in case you need any inspiration. The majority of our items on our website can be personalised, so you can be sure to purchase a gift for Christmas that they will treasure forever.

Leatherette Gifts

Brand new for 2018, our Leatherette gift items are perfect for any Christmas gift. We have over 50 variations of ideas, from Heart Coin Purses to Wall Canvases, this year why not make that gift extra special.

Wall Hanging Canvases

These Black Wall Hanging Canvases are a gorgeous gift, we are able to engrave any text, logos or vectorised pictures directly onto the Leatherette. The finish is outstanding, the amazing 2-colour contrast is superb, and the colour underneath is shown in shiny silver. These canvases are ideal for laser engraving, they create perfect personalised gifts. This black plaque features a silver stitching around the edges, it has 1 standard wall hanging fixtures for ease, and is perfect to hang anywhere indoors. We also supply this product in Antique Brown, that once engraved shows through a shiny gold colour.

D037BS or D038BS

Champagne and Wine Bottle Carriers

So, your buying some nice wine or champagne for that special someone in your life, yes you can buy the usual plastic bags to hold your bottles in, but why when you can purchase a Leatherette Wine or Champagne carrier, with your own message or image on! These carriers are made from the same Leatherette material, but are flexible foam lined so they make carrying your bottles easy! They truly are the perfect addition to that wine or champagne gift, with the added bonus of being able to personalise with your own message.

The Champagne holder is 14″ x 7″, and can hold 1 bottle of champagne. When engraved the colour that shines through is a brilliant silver.

The Wine holder is 16″ x 5″, and can also hold 1 bottle of wine. When engraved the colour that shines through is a dazzling gold – perfect for Christmas.

Corporate Events

Not only perfect for that special someone, these wine and champagne carriers are perfect for any corporate events. With a large area for engraving these beautiful gifts are perfect for table decorations or gifts for your colleagues. Perfect for any award ceremonies!

We have many more ideas, so if you need some help at all, please do get in touch with one of our friendly representatives!

Happy Holidays from!


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