Benefits of Using Awards in Schools School Awards

Healthy competition is a great way of motivating children and giving them a sense of pride, and receiving an award at the end of it is an added bonus. From trophies to medals, these kind of awards are a great way of showing recognition to your pupils achievements, which will only have a positive affect on their attitude, ability to reach academic milestones and overall self-worth. Carry on reading to learn how awards can help children achieve more.


In day to day life as well as education, having a reward to aim for will help you stay on track and meet your goals. Rewards do not have to be physical, but for sporting awards especially, trophies and medals can be a great reminder of what you have achieved. Awards are also a direct way of encouraging children to learn and work harder subconsciously. Teachers may choose to award their students to show what they can gain by working hard, and therefore encourage them to do so again.


Team sports, school drama productions and musical achievements are all great opportunities for pupils to work in a team – having good social and negotiation skills will prepare children for later life and other social situations. Receiving an award as a joint effort will show pupils what they can achieve when working with others, as well as recognising their own contribution and success in the group. Any situation that relies on the effort of the whole group,will see individuals share their knowledge and skills to help all participants – not only will they be learning from each other but boosting each others confidence.

Academic Improvements

In school, children often need a little encouragement to really push themselves in order to reach their targets and even exceed expectations. It’s important that when this does happen, teachers make a point of recognising this achievement, and a small award if a great way of doing so. This also sets a great example for the rest of the class, by showing the importance of celebrating others success as well as showing them what you can gain by hard work and dedication in school.

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