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ZGB Heavy Filled Plastic Square Base
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    Silvertrophy.com are pleased to be able to offer this heavy filled, square black Plastic Base in a range of 8 sizes. 

    ZGB-5 - Height 45mm, Base Diameter 65mm, Top Diameter 50mm - Takes the ZCS5 Engraving Plate
    ZGB-6 - Height 53mm, Base Diameter 75mm, Top Diameter  60mm - Takes the ZCS7 Engraving Plate
    ZGB-7 - Height 55mm, Base Diameter 85mm, Top Diameter 70mm - Takes the ZCS8 Engraving Plate
    ZGB-8 - Height 56mm, Base Diameter 95mm, Top Diameter 80mm - Takes the ZCS8 Engraving Plate
    ZGB-9 - Height 60mm, Base Diameter 105mm, Top Diameter 90mm - Takes the ZCS10 Engraving Plate
    ZGB-10 - Height 64mm, Base Diameter 115mm, Top Diameter 100mm - Takes the ZCS10 Engraving Plate
    ZGB-12 - Height 74mm, Base Diameter 135mm, Top Diameter 120mm - Takes the ZCS12 Engraving Plate
    ZGB-15 - Height 92mm, Base Diameter 165mm, Top Diameter 148mm - Takes the ZCS14 Engraving Plate

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    ZGB Heavy Filled Plastic Square Base

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    ZGB Heavy Filled Plastic Square Base

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