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Engraved Trophies & Awards In Silver, Glass, Crystal And Wood

Engraved Trophies, Plaques & Awards

Trophy & Plaque Engraving

What makes our engraved plaques and trophies special is the quality of engraving achieved by the close relationship we have with the people who make them. Whether it's a plaque or trophy, your award will be engraved by the same craftsmen and women that make it. This sets us apart from other trophy shops who engrave at the retailer level, rather than the directly at the manufacturer level. By engraving during its initial crafting stage, we are able to engrave it before we silver-plate the award; doing so lets us engrave more deeply and to do so without having to cut through the sliver-plated layer, creating an overall clearer and higher-quality engraved award.

You can rest assured in the quality of all our engravings awards to ensure that your awards will be treasured for a lifetime.

Where can I have my engraving?

Our plaques and trophies typically come with multiple areas that are suitable for engraving. Each of our products has clearly identified areas for engraving. You can usually expect these to include the body of the award and the plinth or base. For full details of where you can have your engraving, please see the description of the award itself.

Choice of Font Styles

There is a choice of up to seven font styles. When you buy your trophies or awards you simply check the button next to the style required. Examples of our letter styles available as displayed on each award as you are about to enter the text you want.

Engraving Text

Carefully enter the text you would like engraved on your trophy or plaque. You will see from the award's description that often there is more than one area that can be engraved upon. If there is, make sure you enter your text in the appropriate area. Please check the engraving text for accuracy.

Logo Engraving

In addition to text, we can also engrave your award with a logo of your choice; company and team logos being the most popular options. Complete our easy to use logo engraving quotation form for a precise quote.

Engraving Layout

For each engraving area there is a layout description box. If you have particular requirements regarding the size and position of your engraving, these should be entered here. If no instructions are given the engraving layout will be at the discretion of our skilled engraving artists.

For more information on engraving onto plinth-bands see our glossary of terms for trophies and awards.

Cost Of Engraving

All font styles are charged at the same price.

A charge is made for each letter that is engraved onto your trophy or award. The cost of engraving each letter depends on the type of trophy you are engraving onto. All this is calculated automatically and displayed when ordering your engraving, making the whole process very simple to use. There is a minimum charge, which is displayed when ordering. The cost of your engraving is calculated while you are buying online and added to your 'shopping basket' with your other purchases.

VAT is included in the cost of engraving. VAT will be deducted at the checkout for non European engraving orders.

Engraved Metal Awards

Engraved Glass Awards

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