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Engraved NEW

With many new advancements in the business gift sector, we are proud to announce our brand new 'Leatherette' collection. This brand new concept is ideal for engraving, with the Nude colour engraving showing through black, and the black colour engraving showing through Nude - you absolutely cannot go wrong with a gift like this. All of the new Leatherette items are now available to personalise and purchase, simply visit our new tab here or follow the links above.

With Leatherette, Hand Cut Crystal, Gliter Crystal, Business Gifts, Golf Gifts, Key-rings, Trays, Bespoke, and Handmade in England Awards all under one roof, Silvertrophy.com is really your one stop destination for all things Trophy. We are the Hallmark of Success.


In our Diamond Engraving, C02 Laser Engraving, Meta-Fibre Engraving and Sublimation departments - our team of skilled craftsmen and women are constantly working with new technologies, and so have therefore had 6 months of preperation time to work on the lasererable leatherette items, ensuring each piece is engraved with the correct depth and power.

In addition to our quality of craftsmanship and customer service, we also take lengths to ensure that our delivery services are of a peak standard. We aim to fulfill all of our orders within 1 to 2 business days. (UK Mainland.) To find out more about our excellent trophy delivery services, read our delivery information.

Here at Silver Trophy, our dedicated staff are on hand to help with any questions or queries that you might have. For any assistance at all, pease get in touch.