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Bakelite Plinths

A black plastic dating back to the early 1900's. Named after its inventor, Belgian born scientist Dr. Leo Baekeland, it became widely used around the world. Since its invention it has been associated with the awards industry amongst others.

It forms the basis of our standard black plinths.



 Bakelite plinth

Mahogany Plinths

Many of our Bakelite plinths can be upgraded to a solid Mahogany one. A Mahogany Plinth adds stature to any award. When fitted with the optional plinthband the plinth becomes an extra area for engraving.

 Mahogany plinth


This is a nickel or silver plated band that fits snugly around the Plinth. Not only is this visually attractive but it also provides an excellent, replaceable engraving area. It is common for the Plinthband to be replaced when it is full of engraving or the award is presented to a new winner.


Perpetual Engraving

The plinthband is often used as an extra area for engraving. It is common to use it on annual awards, where the winners names are yearly. These are often in columns and when full, a new column is started until the band is full. This can be carried out on plinthbands or on a larger sized base engraving plate.

 Perpetual engraving