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The Battle for the World Championship Darts Trophy

This week has been an exciting one for darts fans. The British Darts Organisation World Championship has been in full swing since Saturday 2nd of January, but now the pace has really picked up.

The quarter-finals turned out be an intensely heated affair, with defending champion Scott Mitchell making a tremendous comeback bringing him through to the semi-finals. Meanwhile, Denmark’s Ann-Louise Peters was able to progress to the semi-finals and set a new record at the same time; Peter made a 160 checkout that now stands as the highest finish in the history of the women’s competition at Lakeside.

A Darts Trophy Worthy of Champions

The darts trophy that participants are playing for is the prestigious Sid Waddell Trophy:

Sid Waddell Darts Trophy

Standing at around 28 inches and weighing in at 25kg, the trophy features six silver rods that rise up to hold an engraved silver globe. To truly define itself as a darts trophy that pays homage to the game, the globe is adorned with a 20 carat garnet that symbolise the bullseye of a dartboard.

The base of the trophy is crafted from Black Granite and Red Eritrean Marble – the same rare marble that was used by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. The trophy is then accentuated with a plaque engraved with the signature of Sid Waddell himself.

Your Own Darts Trophies

Black Ash Darts Plaque Black Ash Darts Plaque

If you are hosting your own darts events, perhaps a pub league or a county tournament, we have a range of darts trophies that are ideal. Our Black Ash Darts Plaque, for example, is perfect for a first place winner. For something more prestigious, consider our range of all purpose trophy cups and awards, where you will find a diverse array of options for darts events of every size.

The vast majority of our awards are available with custom engravings, and our darts trophies are no different. You can give your award the perfect personal touch by engraving them with the name and details of the event winner or, for something truly unique, we offer a bespoke trophy production service. We can work with you to design, craft and engrave a custom trophy to your exact specifications and needs. This service can be especially useful for high profile events or those with a very specific niche.

On top of all that, we aim to have all of our trophies and awards engraved and delivered to your door in 3 - 5 working days. Our trophy specialists are on hand to help you at every step of the way and can advise you should you have any questions about our awards, all you have to do is get in touch!

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