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The UEFA Championship Is Upon Us

Last week we saw the final fixtures for the 2016 UEFA European Champion Cup revealed for all to see. England's draw into Group B will see them facing off against Russia, Wales and Slovakia. It's certainly a challenging group to be placed in. Eyes across the country will be watching the England vs. Wales match with expectations of an excellent show. Then there's Russia, who you can be sure to won't go down without a fight. Despite the tough competition, the word on the web is that England are still the favourite to qualify from Group B. We're hopeful, but the group stages are only the first step to going home with the Henri Delaunay Trophy.

The UEFA Championship Football Trophy:

UEFA Trophy

The Henri Delaunay Trophy that the teams will be playing for is named in honour of Henri Delaunay, the first General Secretary of the Union of European Football Associations. We can certainly attest that the trophy itself is a masterpiece. Made of sterling silver, the trophy weighs in at 8 kilograms and has a height of 60 centimetres. The names of the winning countries are engraved on the rear face of the trophy.

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