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Trophies Online Order -  Make sure you get what you want

trophies online order trophies online order made easy

Ordering online can be a bit of a minefield. If you are thinking of making a trophies online order, then you must choose a reputable dealer who will give you the quality of product and care in engraving that you need for your trophies to become coveted prizes. With so many companies offering these services on the Internet, and all claiming to be the best, how do you make sure that you get the quality trophies and excellent customer service you need?

We make your trophies online order easy

Here at Silvertrophy.com we make sure that you get exactly what you are after. We are UK based and deliver a fantastic customer service. To make your Trophies Online Order easy and as far from trekking the streets and bartering in different shops as could be. Our website is easy to use, we have tabs at the top of our website allowing you to choose your area of interest, then there are filtering options based on your budget, and exact needs. Once you have chosen your ideal award, you will see we have produced excellent images, shot in our own studio, illustrating the product. Sometimes there are even 360 images allowing you to spin the award and see it from all angles.

You will see a full description and all the technical details on its size, engraving area and everything you need to make an informed choice, how it was made, what materials were used, how tall it is, what details does the trophy have an the option to zoom-in for a more intricate view. This is especially useful if the trophy has a figurine on top of fine intricate detail on the handles for example you can see every inch of the trophy as if it was in front of you with a magnifying glass.

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Your choices don’t end there. Next you will decide whether to use our engraving services, which are second to none and carried out by the same team which created our beautiful trophies and awards. Our engraving is entirely unique and this is because we engrave your trophy before we silverplate the award, this is done so the engraving is extremely deep and doesn’t harm the silver plate layer by cutting through it which is more often the method used by trophy shop retailers but certainly not our way, we want you to have the assurance that our engraving quality the finest quality there is and that is certainly an important factor when purchasing an item which will be treasured a lifetime. All our trophies have either one or two places for engraving and it is totally your choice where the engraving goes and also what font is used. We can also add your logo to your trophy if you send it us in an email and before any engraving begins we will email you an image of what the final product will look like for you to give us the green light to go ahead. If the green light is not given we will take the time to discuss all the options with you until you decide on something else and then the process is repeated. We ask that you are patient with us and allow 3-5 days from placing an order for you to receive your trophy. All trophies are packed in protective foam to ensure no damages occur during transit and are in a beautiful presentation box. We can also deliver to any venue, such as a function, golf club, school or someone’s home. So make your trophies online order and easy experience.

Why not browse our website or call us today to experience the best service in the business.

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