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Trophies and Medals from Silver Trophies - High Quality & Service

Many companies choose to hold award ceremonies once a year to celebrate and recognize staff members for their accomplishments and achievements throughout the financial year. Many schools and clubs hold competitions to encourage their members to really shine in their performances, whether they are dance, drama, sports or music, but how do you make your award ceremony a great thing to attend. It’s all about having the right ambience.

Trophies and Medals Trophies and Medals

However, this is not limited to the décor and style of the ceremony, it is also to do with the prizes to be won. It is all very well offering a glitzy award ceremony, but if the only thing your recipients take home is a certificate, will they attend next year?

I can’t afford a trophy, can I?

At Silver Trophy our trophies and medals ooze quality while all being extremely affordable withhttp://www.silvertrophy.com/sports-trophies/sports-medals.html prices starting at less than £1! Engraving is always an option, we have one of the best engraving services in the United Kingdom, our team are experts with extensive experience in their field. You can personalize your trophies and medals in many different ways, we also supply optional extras such as ribbons and presentation boxes. The least expensive trophy we offer is harshly named the Budget Trophy but please don’t allow that to deter you or persuade you into thinking this will appear cheap in quality because the opposite is true. We found a niche in the market for high quality yet affordable trophies and so we decided to set to work on a huge range of economical cups, trophies and medals to suit all budgets and all occasions. We do not want any of our trophies being dispatched and displayed without ourselves first being 100% satisfied with them. We gain custom via word of mouth and aim for our trophies to all be striking enough to cause interest so for this reason each and every one is carefully created and made to the highest standard. The Budget Trophies start from just £6.50 and yet still beautifully designed.

Trophies and Medals Trophies and Medals

The most expensive trophy we have in the budget range is the SNW07 Nickel Plated Cup, the basic price being £160 for the 9.25 inch cup and £435 for the 17 inch cup. Each nickel plated trophy is heavy and tarnish resistant so no need for polishing. Our Nickel plated trophies have two areas suitable for engraving, we have a choice of different fonts available and we can also engrave your company logo. Our medal prices begin at less than £1 and are ideally suited for ceremonies which will include a lot of winners, runners up or attendants such as school sports days, brownies, and other achievers who are part of a team where each individual deserves the recognition in the form of their own medal. Medals can come in 3 different forms, Gold, Silver and Bronze and can all be engraved. Some of our medals allow space to add a one inch sporting centerpiece, or to personalize it further we can add a one inch diameter, full colour, printed logo. You can also add ribbons to your medals for just 55p! Or for extra special options such as a school football team where a star player should be noted theirs can be placed in a beautiful case for just £1.55. How ever many medals you add to your order they will all be delivered to you within 3-5 days of ordering.

So why not make your awards ceremony the place to be with our amazing Trophies and Medals. With prices so low, and quality so high, you can really feel like you’re hosting a great award ceremony.

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