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The Solheim Cup 2015

The Solheim CupFinal preparations are being made for one of the largest and most prestigious events in female golf - The Solheim Cup.

The 14th edition of the Solheim Cup will see top women professional golfers from Europe and USA battle to win the golf event.

The 2015 Solheim Cup will be held at Golf Club St. Leon-Rot near Heidelberg, Germany this year. The competition will take place over three days with 28 matches being played.

The biennial golf competition, (the women’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup), set to take place on September 18th-20th, will see the European team defend their title.

After losing the last two renditions of the Europe vs America event, team USA are getting down to business this year. Face tattoos, fingernail painting and excessive cheerleading have all been discouraged. They are out to play the best golf that they can with a stronger team than ever.

Golf is definitely one of the most popular sports of all time. All over the globe, there are countless amateur and professional golf competitions, beautifully designed golf courses, famous and well established golf clubs, numerous sponsors and golf equipment and attire manufacturers, and above all there are many golf aficionados that follow the sport. A team golf competition is one of the most sought after by fans and players. The Ryder Cup is one of the well-known golf events for men and women golfers have the Solheim Cup as one of their main team events.

As a golf competition, teams representing the United States and Europe compete with each other in the Solheim Cup every two years. The namesake of the Solheim Cup is from Karsten Solheim, a well-known Norwegian-American golf club manufacturer. Karsten Solheim was a major driving force in the conceptualization and creation of this prestigious golf competition.

The Solheim Cup golf trophy is one of the most coveted in golf and certainly one of the most elegant. In the world of sports, Waterford Crystal trophies are always associated with supreme achievement especially in the prestigious sport of golf. It is no wonder why Waterford Crystal was commissioned to craft the Solheim Cup golf trophy early in 1990 with the efforts of retired export sales manager Kevin Hall. The trophy was designed by Billy Briggs, one of Waterford Crystal’s top designers and master cutters.The Solheim Cup

Considering the Solheim Cup trophy as one of the most important projects of his career, Billy called upon his experiences as a skilled amateur athlete for inspiration. As compared to other golf trophies that are gothic inspired, the Solheim Cup trophy is sleek with flowing lines. This urn-shaped golf trophy then became instantly recognizable as a symbol of this golf competition as it reflects the prestige of the Solheim Cup. Just imagine the elegance that 200 years of evolving glassmaking craftsmanship being incorporated into this sophisticated work of art.

The creation of the Solheim Cup required only the highest standards in glassmaking’s blowing, cutting and engraving through techniques that originated from ancient Egyptians. This resulted to rich decorations and deeply incised patterns. The center panel of the Solheim Cup golf trophy features a wonderful intaglio impression of The Solheim Cup logo, which incorporates the trophy itself.

Weighing over 20 pounds, the Solheim Cup is rather heavy. From its mahogany base to its top the golf trophy measures 19 inches in height. Its top diameter spans about 4 inches and its base diameter is 8 inches. With all the intricacies involved in the creation of the Solheim Cup golf trophy, it has a price tag of a whopping $50,000.

The Solheim Cup together with its elegant golf trophy indeed has made its mark in the world of golf. Each year, more and more people are drawn in to be part of this prestigious sporting event between players from Europe and the United States.

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