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The Scottish Open’s Continuing Legacy of Excellence

scottish open trophyIncluding the legendary Scottish Open, golf has introduced countless trophy winning events around the globe. The sport is a multimillion dollar industry due to the huge demand in golf attire, equipment, and other merchandises. This would not have happened if not for the millions of golf aficionados worldwide. In recorded history of any civilization, it appeared that there was always a game that was played with a ball and a club. It was known as “kolf” to the Netherlanders, “goff” to the English, and it was called “gowf” to the Scots. The exact origin of golf is much debated but the Scots’ claim is one of the most established. An Act of Parliament in Scotland was passed in the 1400s banning people from playing the game because it interfered with archery practice. It was very popular at the time that both kings and commoners alike played the game and golf events probably were already held.

Today, the Scottish Open is the largest golf competition in the European Tour that is not co-endorsed by the PGA Tour. The year 1972 was the first time the Scottish open was held and its first home was Downfield Golf Club near Scotland’s 4th largest city, Dundee. It was held in the old course of Saint Andrews the following year. A 12-year break occurred from 1974 to 1985 and the Scottish Open went back to business at Haggs Castle in 1986 as one of the European Tour’s largest golf events replacing the Glasgow Open.

Ian Woosnam of Wales is the player with the most golf trophies won for the Scottish Open earning his titles in 1987, 1990, and 1996. Ernie Els of South Africa is close behind having 2 Scottish Open golf trophies for winning in 2000 and 2003.

This prestigious golf competition has been known as the Barclays Scottish Open for the past decade having Barclays as its title sponsor. Loch Lomond was the home of the Barclays Scottish Open for the past 15 years until a new era was announced for 2011 as its home was moved to Castle Stuart Golf Links. This new era is marked by a brand new golf trophy designed and made by Hamilton and Inches, Scotland’s leading maker and distributor of luxury jewelleries and silver. Having won this year’s tournament, Luke Donald of England was the first recipient of the Barclays Scottish Open Hamilton and Inches golf trophy.

This brand new world class golf trophy is befitting to this world class golf competition. Hamilton and Inches’ very own designer, Nicola Williams, created designs revolving around the traditional Scottish Quaich.  The Scottish Quaich is a drinking vessel which is a historic symbol to the Scots’ welcome and hospitality. The trophy was then crafted in Hamilton and Inches’ workshop in their flagship store in Edinburgh by the company’s most skilled silversmiths, chasers, engravers, and polishers led by their workshop manager Jon Hunt.

The Barclays Scottish Open trophy was fashioned from a lone sheet of sterling silver. It was spun by hand and was raised to resemble the shape of the Scottish Quaich. This golf trophy was then hammered to create that beaten look while still maintaining its contemporary feel. Its lid creates a three-dimensional effect across the top having a silver cut out of intertwined Scottish thistles. The piercings on the Quaich lid allows a view of the glided 18K gold inside the bowl.  The whole trophy is on top of a round base of refined Scottish Elm and is about 15 lbs. in weight.

The Barclays Scottish Open golf trophy surely made a buzz in the European tour as it started the new era of this world-renowned golf competition. The Scottish Open is proud to continue its legacy of excellence in the world’s most loved sport.


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