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The Perfect Trophy for an Annual Cricket Club Dinner

At an Annual Cricket Club Dinner, you can expect to see a range of awards and trophies presented to clubs, players and volunteers. Attendees can enjoy a set course meal with devouring words from guest speakers, along with a ceremony to mark the efforts of those involved in their cricket club.

Many cricket clubs will have their own organisers to arrange venue, catering, guest list, seating, schedule, awards and so much more. They may have their own style, but all will agree on one thing at least – they want the whole evening to run perfectly.

Lancashire County Cricket Club held their annual Dinner at The Point, in a very luxurious setting. The Point is LCCC’s stunning conference centre at Old Trafford. With a black tie dress code and a champagne reception, they really pulled out all the stops to impress everyone who sat down for dinner. While they were enjoying their meals, guests were treated to an evening of entertainment, with awards been presented throughout the night.

Supporters look forward to such a remarkable dinner event, meeting members of the club and seeing the award ceremony take place while tingling with excitement for their favourite nominee.

It can be tricky finding the perfect awards for these events. Some organisers may opt for budget trophies while others will invest in more prestige cups. There is also an option to present rare quality cups, made by the finest materials available in a supreme range.cricket club trophy

To really impress the guests with a memorable sight, trophies should have the look of supremacy with uniqueness. Great awards can set a very high standard for a club and its members, which can mean a small investment, will bring a positive return.

An ideal trophy for an Annual Cricket Club Dinner will be hand crafted on a beautiful silver finish with engraving panels for that personalised touch.

Cups are very popular types of awards for cricket events, and ideally, they should offer variation of sizes to present each winner, depending on their placement. They look very glamorous and stand out proudly on display, shining over other awards.

annual cricket club dinner trophyThe popular Handchased Supreme Trophy is an advantage to organisers because its fine quality comes from highly skilled craftsmen in England, decorated in a very rare art form with a lifetime warranty. With an integral silver plated plinthband and a beautifully finished wooden base, this trophy will be sure to impress the guests. It is available in a range of 3 sizes, from 12 inches all the way up to 16.5 inches high.

For many, trophy presentations are the biggest highlight of annual dinners. Such an effort is made to create prestigious invitations and a beautifully decorated venue, it becomes even more necessary to ensure the awards will meet the same, high standard, or more.

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