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The Furious Trophy of the Celtic Manor Wales Open

Wales is one of the most wonderful countries in Europe. As an emerging tourist destination Wales has a huge diversity of offerings including well known golf events to its 8 million annual visitors generating revenue of £3.5 billion and together with prize funds and other awards, the Celtic Manor Wales golf trophy is among the most elegantly designed in the sporting world of golf.

As a testament to the popularity of golf in Wales, one of the European Tour’s most popular golf competitions, The Celtic Manor Wales Open, is being held in its namesake the Celtic Manor Resort. Since its inaugural event in the year 2000 up to 2003 it was called the Celtic Manor Resort Wales Open. From 2004 to 2010 it was simply called the Celtic Manor Wales Open. It was called the Saab Wales Open for 2011. Currently, the golf tournament is called ISPS Handa Wales Open as it waits to be staged by mid of this year.  Since its inception in 2000, the ISPS Handa Wales Open has grown to be one of the top golf events in the European Tour’s international schedules with a couple of Ryder Cup champions as its champions too.

The tournament host, the Celtic Manor Resort is arguably the best golf-centric leisure resort and hotel in Newport, south Wales. This famous resort is composed of a country inn, 2 golf and country clubs, 2 adjoining hotels, and a conference center designed for multi purposes. Celtic Manor is even host the famous golf competition the Ryder Cup for 2010. The Manor house was built in 1860 and combines its glorious antique features with modern design when its present owner, Sir Terry Matthews, spent £100 million in 1980 to redevelop and refurbish the resort.

The trophy has a wooden rectangular prism base. Attached on the wooden base is a shiny rectangular plate where the words THE WALES OPENthe wales open trophy – THE CELTIC MANOR RESORT. On top of it is a solid silver pillar with a golfing human figure on its top illustrating a perfect swing. On the base of the pillar is a dragon with its serpentine tail entwined around and up the pillar. Among golf trophies, this one is indeed a furious trophy. The latest recipient of the trophy was Alexander Noren of Sweden after winning by 2 strokes over Gregory Bourdy and Anders Hansen finishing at 9 under par.

Celtic Manor Resort’s logo features the same red dragon passant that is also on the Wales flag. The dragon around the golf trophy has a deep meaning not only to Celtic Manor but to Wales as a country as well. The dragon is on a protective and not on an aggressive gesture. The red dragon passant of Wales has represented the country for hundreds of years and its heraldic charge is one of nobility and chivalry. Such is the sportsmanship that the Celtic Manor Wales Open wants to convey to its resort guests and golf patrons.

If you are a certified golf fanatic and enjoy a good round every now and then, then Wales is a place that you must visit. Wales has a number of stunning golf courses dotted around it and along its 1200-kilometer long coastline. Whether you prefer hotels or resorts, you can be sure that Wales has what you’re looking for in golf.

As the European Tour together with the Celtic Manor Resort continue to push through the boundaries of excellence in bringing this famous golf competition to the masses, we can all rest assured that the Celtic Manor Wales Open will continue to bring all golf aficionados awesome golf and entertainment for years to come.

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