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Sports Trophies for a variety of Sporting Events

For the last 15 years we have supplied sports trophies to some of the finest Sports and Country Clubs around the world. Holding a prestigious sporting event requires the correct choice of trophy. We have a lot of experience in matching events to trophies and always available to offer free advice to anyone on the choice of the most suitable award from our range.

A fine example of a customer who purchased from us this year is the ‘Royal Lake of The Woods Yacht Club’ in Canada. This well established club holds events, not only in Yachting (such as the Richardson Regatta) but also in tennis.

trophies for Sporting Events

They chose from our range of handmade sports trophies, some of these are also decorated by hand with ‘chasing’. Chasing is a method of decoration, in which very small tools are used to hammer the decoration onto the surface of the trophy. This incredibly skilled art is one we have kept alive; it is very much appreciated by customers who wish to present prestigious trophies.

For their Tennis Tournaments, the club selected various Rosebowls, these very traditional trophies and can be seen at the World’s most well respected competitions. Large open bowls, with decoration around the top lip in the form of a ‘rope’ design and a large wooden base, one particular design also has ring handles on either side.

As the design of award, the Rosebowl is such much wider than a tall trophy this means they offer large areas suitable for engraving. This is of real advantage when you wish to engrave your sporting club’s logo and the name of the competition. The base is created in fine mahogany and this too can be used to engrave the winners’ names or competition title.

silver sports trophies rose bowl image

While used for tennis by Silvertrophy.com’s Canadian Country Club customers, the Rosebowl style trophy has been employed by many varieties of sporting events. Famous Rosebowls exist around the world, some with a great and exciting history in the sports of Golf, Basket ball, baseball, cricket, and many other sporting events.

Yachting & Sailing competitions especially, have taken the design of the Rosebowl to heart, and have been used by great events such as the American Cup, The Cam Merlin Bowl.

Handmade Rosebowls for sporting events

Our Prestige and Supreme ranges of Rosebowls are all made by hand in the UK, by silversmiths and metal workers using techniques which have changed little in the last 100 years. For a silver-plated trophy the parts of the Rosebowl are made separately, created by hand on a spinning lathe, the flat pieces of copper and brass are shaped into the various shapes needed.

In this example video the actual item created is a Georgian tankard, but the processes of spinning the bowl and foot of the Rosebowl are exactly the same.  Notice the tools which the 'spinner' uses to shape the 3d bowl from a flat disc. This technique has not altered for generations of Silversmiths.

Once the parts are assembled and soldered together, decoration, polishing and the Silver-plating takes place.

After many hours of skilled work the final award looks fantastic and is one that any sporting club will be very proud to present.

Silver Rosebowls and cups of this standard are displayed in the trophy cabinets of sports and country clubs around the world. Sports trophies of this standard are a treasured item and the names engraved upon it create an exciting history of the event it represents.

If you would like to buy sports trophies for your sporting event then do not hesitate to browse our site or contact us for further details.

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