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Engraving Shield Awards - Why use them

If you find that you are repeatedly presented with the need to an award, you may find buying a new award for each event can become expensive. Engraved shields allow you engrave the winners’ details many times over; as the events pass, they become a wonderful record of who won the award in the past.

Engraved Shield Awards

We have a fine selection of shields catering for presentations that may occur monthly or annually.

Dedicating your Engraved Shield.

All of our shields have a central area for the name of your event or organisation. This is what we call the ‘Shield Centre’; the disc that fits in the centre of the shield. There are 27 different designs to choose from, allowing you to choose the most appropriate one for your event or sport.

What events are shields bought for?

Engraved shields are traditionally popular with schools & colleges, where shields have been used as awards since Edwardian times.  Many different kinds of sporting even also take advantage of the flexibility of the engraved shield, if presented annually the shield makes an excellent investment that can last more than a decade before needing to be replaced.

perpetual engraved shield Perpetual engraving for many years

Some of our larger shields can hold the details of 32 previous winners!

Perpetual presentation engraving

The centre of the shield has a number of engraving areas, these will hold the title of the competition; the small metal shields around the outer part are the engraving plates these hold the winners name and the date.

The format of the engraving for the winner will usually be something like this…


M. Smith



The first name is usually shortened to an initial to save character spaces.


Engraving is now carried out by the very latest in laser machines, this allows for precise computer controlled engraving.


When we carry out the engraving on a new shield, we use an ‘industry standard’ font called Gothic. Any engraver in the UK can easily match this universally popular font, this point is important on an award which may be updated yearly using a number of different local engravers.


Our perpetual shields are available in a number of different sizes, the key to choosing one for your event is to match the number of small perpetual ‘winner’s shields’ to the number of times you wish to present the award.

When customers buy from us, they usually have the centre areas engraved with the name of the organisation or competition. On some of our models there is also space for sponsors names as well.


What happens you need to update the engraving details on the small shields?

We do all the initial engraving when you buy the award, all the updates to winners are most economically carried out by your local engraving shop.

Just about every town centre has at least one shop capable of engraving.


This is very common, and perpetual awards like shields are easily updated with even the most basic engraving machines.


To aid the engraver, we only lightly attach the small perpetual shields; this allows them to be removed easily and then once engraved, attached to the wooden shield permanently.


Ordering your shield.

If you need any help then we are always available during office hours to offer advice. Ordering a shield is easy online, our system will walk you though the choices of engraving, calculating the costs as you do so.

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