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School Sports Day Trophy Awards

Perpetual ShieldSchool sports day is an event testing the physical endurance of students competing in various sporting activities, often aiming to win a trophy or medal. Schools can be split into class or year teams and parents may attend to watch and show support to the children, sometimes offering support in the running of the event. Attendees can enjoy a fun-filled atmosphere, refreshments and a chance to meet others in a less formal environment. Sports day is a great British tradition and usually – although not always, held once a year during a time when the weather will be congenial enough to hold sporting events outdoors.

In many secondary schools, children have a high level of physical ability, enabling them to compete in games such as the relay race, long and high jump, hurdles and discus.  Sports day in secondary schools can set a very high standard for children aiming to explore their strengths.

Encouraging young people to take part in team challenges is very important for the development process as well as awarding them for team effort. A typical way of awarding a team and its individuals is in the form of a sports day trophy or medal. As well as an award for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, sometimes a team may win an award for ‘best effort’. The winning team may be given a cup trophy or a team perpetual shield can be custom engraved, perhaps with a custom made school logo. This type has been a favourite for years, usually displayed proudly on a wall or displayed in a glass cabinet in the corridor for all the visitors to see.

They are not the only awards suitable for school sports day – a highlight of the top 5 are listed below (in no particular order, just a great selection and the most popular awards for schools)

The Staffordshire Cup

This trophy is in the prestige range, handcrafted in England and stands on a black bakelite plinth but can also be made to stand on a beautifully finished wooden plinth. It’s a silver plated trophy with beautifully detailed traditional handles and can vary in many different sizes.

Perpetual Shield

This is a very traditional award and it has 12 areas for winner’s names to be engraved and in the centre there is an area to place the award title. These can be placed free standing using the support strut and as well as being well made, it looks very classy on display.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Medal

These medals are very popular, used in many events and are made in antique gold, silver and bronze effect finishes.

They have an outer edge with an 'Olympic Crown' laurel wreath design and feature detailed 1st, 2nd and 3rd place themes – they can also be engraved on the reverse side.

The above are a popular selection of awards and although they can be presented to schools and pupils, they can also be used in other various award ceremonies.

So many children remember their victorious moments, so a sensational way to commemorate those memories is with a sports day medal or trophy.

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