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School Shields - A treasure house of memories

School Shields - reward your students with the ultimate prize

When it comes to School Shields to reward your pupils you want to ensure they are a prize worth receiving and working towards. If an award is cheap and poor quality, pupils will see it as a token gesture and its worth will decline. As a motivational tool, school shields can be great but only if they are well made. They must be well-crafted with good engravings and personalized text to reflect the pupil’s good works so that they can look back and remember with pride.

Here at Silvertrophy.com school shields are one of our best sellers and we take pride in the fact that we have a huge base of repeat customers. Our range of school shields is extremely extensive and we have every avenue covered with respect to affordability and design. We can guarantee that you will find something to suit your requirements within this range. All our school shields are of the highest quality and the utmost care is taken when handcrafting each and every one in our range. We have been a main supplier of shields and awards to schools, universities, colleges and other educational establishments for over a decade and our talents are internationally recognized.  We have a delivery policy of between 3-5 days from the day of order to receiving your school shield. This does not apply to orders outside of the United Kingdom.

School Shields - the range

School-shields School-shields

The least expensive school shield that we sell is of an extremely good standard, it is the SV shield .It is designed for individuals to win an costs from only £7.99 for the 4 inch size,well within any school budget! The next most popular shield is the Perpetual Plaque, comes complete with a support strut allowing it to be hung but also displayed free standing. The Perpetual Plaque is rectangular in shape.

school-shields school-shields

A shield, large enough to add the name of the school and the relevant competition, is placed centrally at the top of the plaque. Below this main shield are 6 smaller, polished metal shields designed to be engraved with the winners names. This award is fantastic value for money and a truly splendid design.

If you are looking for an award that will hold many more names, spend another ten pounds and order the Perpetual Shield, priced at £24.50.   This is another classic design that appears expensive but yet costs very little. This shield is extremely economical yet amazingly well made using only the finest materials and the same amount of dedication by our craftsmen. We will never compromise on quality but will always endeavor to give affordability. The central shield is designed to take engraving alongside an image of the specific sport or activity involved. To help you choose we have a ‘drop down menu box ‘of nearly 30 options including football, darts, hockey, gymnastics, music and more. There are 12 smaller silver shields around the edge of this shield allowing 12 different names to be engraved in a choice of 3 different fonts. This 8 inch shield can be hung or displayed independently on a desk or shelf by means of a support strut.

Before engraving your text or logo we email a proof to you to ensure that you are 100% happy with how it looks before the engraving process begins. We want you to be truly happy with your purchase from us. If at any point you wish to talk over any award or trophy requirements our customer support are always here to help on 01922 862431.

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