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Personalised Trophies and Awards

It’s never been easier to buy personalised trophies and awards online at silvertrophy.com

For those of you who are considering buying personalised trophies and awards this year, instead of making the trip to your nearest trophy shop, why not consider buying your trophies online at Silvertrophy.com.

All your engraving requirements can be added to the award as you make your purchase, allowing you to customise your awards from the comfort of your computer screen.  Our website will calculate the cost of engraving text onto any of our awards as you place your order. Engraving prices do vary depending on the product/product area being engraved, e.g. trophy body area or crystal product.

Here shows an example of our engraving onto silverware. The first image shows the engraving in 'outline'. The second image shows  how the text has been' infilled'.

Personalised trophies and awards Metal Engraving - Outline1 Personalised trophies and awards - Infilled Engraving2

Engrave a Logo on Your Trophy or Award

We can also engrave logos, crests and images onto our awards, we are experts in doing this and it’s a very easy process to do as you place your order online.

Firstly, you will need to send us the logo so that we can advise how much it's going to cost to get it engraved (the cost is based on the complexity of the design).

Once your logo or design has been received we will get back to you with a logo quotation reference number that will be needed for your order.  During office hours we aim to get back to you within 1-4 hours of receiving your details.

Once you have received your logo quotation reference number simply enter this number into the box provided as you place your order – we will do the rest.

Expertly Crafted Awards & Trophies

What makes our engraved plaques and trophies special is the quality of engraving achieved by the close relationship we have with the people who make them.

Whether it's a plaque or trophy, your award will be engraved by the same craftsmen and women that make it. This sets us apart from other trophy shops who engrave at the retailer level, rather than directly at the manufacturer level.

By engraving during its initial crafting stage, we are able to engrave before we silver-plate the award. Doing so lets us engrave more deeply and without having to cut through the sliver-plated layer, creating an overall clearer and higher-quality engraved award.

For help with any aspect of ordering personalised trophies and awards please call 01922 862431. You can also e-mail us with any questions at sales@silvertrophy.com

We operate a fast, reliable and friendly service. Click here to get your logo quotation number

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