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New Year, New Us!

It’s that time of year again, everyone is making changes, making New Year’s resolutions! Well, Silvertrophy.com have indeed made some changes and are proud to present FOUR additional, brand new engraving machines. It’s that awesome we’ve had to expand! Along with a new engraving room and work areas for our dedicated engravers they are now able to complete more urgent orders that our customers may have.

It’s 2016 and silvertrophy.com welcomes two Newing-Hall Diamond Machines for the increasing demand on Nickel plated and Silver plated products. Especially with our British Made Revolution Awards, which, in its debut year of 2015, took off with jet propelled success within and outside of the UK.

Also, to accompany the Newing-hall machines we have invested in two Epilog Fusion M2 Co2 Laser machines for crystal/glass engraving. So now, not only can we have more machines working on more orders, it’s faster too! We’re pulling out all the stops to ensure that our customers get their order on time. With more machines and shorter engraving times we are able to fulfil more orders whilst keeping the quality high.

Our New Epilog Laser Trophy Engraving Machine Our New Epilog Laser Trophy Engraving Machine

Following a major renovation; walls knocked down, walls built, doors put in etc. Silvertrophy.com now has FIVE separate areas within the Engraving Department: the Meta-Fibre Laser Department, the Co2 Laser Department, Diamond Machine Engraving Department, Sublimation Printing Department and the Sand-Blasting Department. Now that we have more working space, we are guaranteed more efficiency with our productivity and turnaround. All of our departments are built specifically to benefit and increase efficiency in productivity, not only for our hard working engravers but for the machines as well, allowing for the flow of air to constantly circulate and for ease of movements between each factory department.

Keeping up-to-date with our technology and equipment allows Silvertrophy.com to evolve with the increasing demand for trophies and awards. The whole engraving department has seen a huge upgrade in their working facilities and are ready to buckle up for 2016! Let’s make this year even more of a success than the last!

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