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New Golf Trophies for Everyone in 2015!

New Golf Trophies lunched in 2015

This year we are very proud to present a fine new range of Golf trophies.  Since 1999 we have sold golf trophies to a wide range of customers, from friends having a golf weekend to some of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Each order is dealt with the same level of care and enthusiasm, we delight in engraving your award and making sure the end result arrives safe and sound, in plenty of time for your event.

This year we have produced some fantastic new golfing awards and trophies to cater for all events and budgets. Lets take a look at some of the new lines of golf awards…

At the budget end of the scale, new production processes have enabled us to produce awards of both great design and quality.

Resin Golf Awards

Always a popular area, resin golf trophies allow for a substantial and interesting award at a great price. From Nearest the Pin & Hole in One trophies to detailed 1st Prize awards such as sculptures of Golfers in resin offer a great deal. The awards have substantial weight, which always impresses the winner.  It has the ability to reproduce the great detail captured by the artist sculpting the piece.  We take great care in the finishing of the award; attention to detail in the polishing and coating of the resin to give it its final bronze effect is essential. Quite often we see resin golf trophies that look good at a glance, but actually look very poorly finished when you get up close.  Silvertrophy.com resin golf trophies, I am very proud to say, look excellent at close quarters.

Highly Polished Metal Golf Trophies

It is said ‘ Not everything that glistens is made of Gold’ that could not be more true when it comes to our range of Golf Trophies. While ourselves and Swatkins Silverware are known for fine Silver and Silver Plated trophies, over the last few years we have been producing a growing range of highly polished Nickel plated golf cups and claret jugs.

new golfer trophies for 2015

Nickel is a wonderful material for cups, while it may not be a precious metal like silver; it is an excellent metal for plating trophies. We polish it by hand to a mirror finish; it shines almost like silver and has the advantage of not tarnishing.

Only a light dusting is required to keep your award in perfect condition.

The quality of the cup is just the same, brass and copper are formed (usually by hand) into the shape of the trophy, it then goes through a plating process, which leaves a deep layer of nickel on the cup. Hand polishing is followed by extensive QC checking.

The result is a wonderful British made golf trophy you will be really proud to present at your event.  Not having silver in the production process means the award is substantially cheaper than the silver plated equivalent.

Very popular in previous years, our Nickel-plated range of golf awards have been added to in 2015 with some truly excellent looking cups.

New Crystal Golf Awards

Crystal golf awards are made of glass with a high percentage of lead crystal; this gives the material a great sparkle and wonderful refraction of light when it is cut with decorations.

new crystal golf trophy

This year we have created several tournament quality golf awards from Crystal. New designs have been produced in order to meet requests from our customers for a larger range of trophies for golfing events made from this most luxurious of glass materials.

They sparkle under the lights and weigh heavy in the hands of the talented tournament winners, a very firm favourite; we look forward to engraving the new designs this year.

New Prestigious Silver Golf Trophies

Silver is where we started out in online golf trophy retail in 1999 and in 2015 it is still where our heart is!

The material is somewhat magical in our opinion. Soft enough to make entire cups from solid sterling silver, and flexible enough to make a Silver plated version of the same cup at the fraction of the cost.

It polishes wonderfully and ages with dignity producing a cup of increasing beauty as it does.  Many Silver Golf Cups in Clubhouses around the world are objects of sporting history. Engraved around the plinth are the names of winners, in the order of their succession.  Each name engraved with care in the year it was won and as you observe them in the cabinet you think about the fact each of the winners, held these cups at presentation and were thrilled and excited in their victory.

silver golf trophies

This year we have aimed to add some very fine new golf trophies to this category or award. If you are considering buying one and you don’t feel the base is large enough to hold all the names you think may win it over the years, then just give us a call, we can often give you the option of adding an extra tier of base underneath the existing one.  In this way a large golf cup can hold the names of half a century of winners.

I hope this has given you some insight into the new awards we are excited about this year. To see the complete range why browse the website or order our free golf trophy & award catalogue. If you want a copy delivered free of charge, just drop us an email sales@silvertrophy.com or call us on 01922 862431, we will be delighted to post you one.

Steve Allen


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