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Memorial Cups from Silvertrophy.com

Memorial Cups - An Everlasting Tribute.

We have been making and engraving Memorial Cups since 1999 and it never ceases to be an honour to be entrusted with this task.

When family and friends wish to create a lasting public tribute to a loved one, often the idea of creating a memorial cup to celebrate the person’s life comes to mind. We are here to help in this task. Our experience is at your disposal for choosing an award and the style of engraving.

Some people like to have a totally bespoke award created. Others choose to have one of our exceptional hand made awards personalized with engraving.

Using the latest engraving technology we can now produce quite intricate images onto the award, others choose to have a dedication or poem engraved.

Some time ago we were asked if we could engrave a photo onto one of our silverplated memorial cups.  Whilst we did not routinely engrave photos at that time we said it would not be a problem. The image below and to the left was supplied to us as a black and white photo. We immediately had this redrawn and converted into a format suitable for engraving.  As you can see, the image to the right is a brilliant interpretation. The very fine cross hatching you can see is from the engraving machine as it passes across the award.

memorial cup engraving

Dad Etched Final

Engraving images onto our memorial cups is not a problem; we will listen to your ideas and offer suggestions on how it may be achieved.

If you have any questions our friendly team are available to help on 01922 862431 or email at sales@silvertrophy.com

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