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A jubilant team receiving their 'Bathda Awards'

The creative team at CIC receiving their awards for Excellence in TV advertising.

An innovative communications agency who offer design, photography, CGI and video services, were recently commissioned to produce a TV advert for the UK's leading bathroom retailer Victoria Plum.

Not only did they create a stunning tv ad, the individuals involved in the creative process each bagged themselves an award for 'Excellence in TV Advertising', which they aptly named the 'Bathda Award'.

Bathda awards

The design of the award features a male figure holding a laurel wreath, signifying great achievement in any field. The CAS04 statuette, cast in solid metal has a silver finish and comes mounted on a heavy weight base.  The silver finish engraving plate mounted on the front face of the base is perfect for personalising with a name or engraved message.

Standing 7.5 inch high this statuette can be presented at any corporate event with confidence.

Awards like this and many others can be found in our Star & Achievement Awards section under the Corporate Awards tab of our website.

If you would like to buy trophies for your corporate event then please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

We have a lot of experience in matching events to trophies and always available to offer free advice to anyone on the choice of the most suitable award from our range.

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