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It's Cricket Season

WG GraceWith the Ashes in full Swing, many fans around the world may be encouraged to take up the game of cricket.  Lapsed players may be encouraged to pick up their bat once again and existing players may want to play more.  It's a sport that's followed with passion in many different parts of the world.

Cricket is a bat and ball sport which is traditionally played on a grass field by two teams of eleven players. A small amount of specialised equipment is required to play the game properly. At the bare minimum you will need six stumps, four bails, two cricket bats and a ball.  The game can be easily adapted to suit all ages and abilities, for playground cricket you can just pick up a bat and ball and improvise with the stumps.

A team's score is reported in terms of the number of runs scored and the number of batsmen that have been dismissed.  The team that has scored more runs at the end of the completed match wins.

For the winning team you may require a trophy (and this is where we come in). We supply cricket medals, cricket plaques and cricket themed budget awards, or to really impress we have a range of prestige and supreme silver-plated trophies and rosebowls. We have something to suit all budgets.


We are experts in engraving club logos; just send us a copy by email or upload it to our website. If required, we will send you a proof before we begin engraving, giving you total peace of mind that your awards will be 100% correct.

Silvertrophy.com are the premier online supplier of trophies & awards and for more than a decade we have serviced clubs with the great cricket awards.

If you need advise with choosing awards then give Jackie a call on 01922 862431 or email us at sales@silvertorphy.com

You can either order online (including engraving) or give us a call. We are here to make buying awards easy.
We engrave awards beautifully and deliver them on time. We are sure you will be 'bowled over' at how fast we can have your engraved awards delivered to you.

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