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New handmade trophies made in UK

New range of Silver plated handmade trophies made in the UK

handmade British cups

Our new range of Made in Britain trophies are all something we are proud of here at Silvertrophy.com.  The tradition of silversmiths working in the Midlands of Britain goes back hundreds of years.  Skills are passed on by long apprenticeships with techniques and tools hardly changing over time.

The decorative technique of ‘chasing’ is one of the hardest to master and involves the Silversmith really knowing the properties of his metals and working them with a high degree of artistry and skill. Initially the patterns are marked up on the metal in chalk then ‘chased’ out with small chisels bending and curving the metal into a 3D pattern.

Handmade trophies in the UK Handmade trophies in the UK

The patterns are set by chalk by the template, but the exact curves and details vary slightly from trophy to trophy making the final piece unique.

It is for this reason that handmade trophies with chasing are chosen for many of the great tournaments and events; the trophy becomes part of the history of the competition, developing as new winner’s names are added each year. Maturing with age, these trophies are designed to be treasured.

At all stages, British craftsmen pour lifetime’s of experience in the construction of these fine handmade trophies.  However, new techniques and ideas are always in development and this year we have launched the Two Tone Cups.  These cups are a combination of the standard mirror polishing with a new technique to adding a ‘satin’ brushed finished to the silver on certain areas. This contrast adds a striking effect to the cup.

Each of the new models of English made trophy cups are available in several sizes each comes with a Rosewood base.  The integrated plinths are very tall on this range making the trophy both impressive and the base able to hold 80% more engraving that a standard one.

Handmade trophies in the UK

These super-tall bases give you the extra space for engraving winner’s names over many years and several sponsor logos.

Our engraving team can help you decide on the final format of your engraving and will send you an emailed ‘proof’ of exactly how the engraving will look before they carry it out. Once you have given this your ‘OK’ we will engrave the awards and ship it two you.  If you need any help in selecting your perfect award, then we are here to help.

Our handmade awards are the best money can buy and each silver plated cup comes with an extensive warranty against manufacturer defects for the lifetime of owning it.

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