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Golf Trophies Claret Jug from Silvertrophy.com - Dazzling Beauty

Golf Trophies Claret Jug – reward your winner with a quality product

It’s the end of the golf season, your club members have played hard and enjoyed themselves, and you want to round off the season with a fantastic award ceremony. All you have heard of is how the other golf clubs offer some great trophies and you can’t seem to find any that suit your budget and quality requirements.  Where do you turn for help? Fortunately at Silvertrophy.com we have a great range of Golf Trophies Claret Jug and we can ensure your ceremony is talked about in golfing circles for the whole of next season.

All of the Claret Jug Golf Trophies we have on our website for sale, we have extremely high standard, we have golf trophy claret jugs to suit all budgets with our least expensive being les than £10! Our favourite budget model is called The Resin Claret Jug and is a truly beautiful design; it’s very heavy in weight being made of solid resin and then finished in either our entirely unique Light Bronze or Antique Silver effect. The base is of the same colour and material and is where you can add your engraving. You can choose from four different font.

Other Claret Jug Golf Trophies are hand made from Nickel or Silver Plated. Many are made here in the UK, by our craftsmen and silversmiths, they make very fine traditional golf awards.  Without breaking your budget you can present awards worthy of St. Andrews.

As with all of our trophies we will email you an image of how the item will look with your chosen wording, font and logo for your approval before beginning engraving, this ensures peace of mind and that the claret jug that your receive will be entirely to your specification and look exactly as you wished it to. For the price of £9.99 this model is beyond fantastic in price!

I want something really special – what do I choose?

The top end of our range the Claret Jug Golf Trophy which really is the absolute Rolls Royce of trophies, and at our forgiving price of £2,850 this is the least you can expect. This ultimate champions claret jug is not out of place at televised golfing tournaments and to be held by the hands of the legends of the game, designed and handmade by our highly skilled craftsmen entirely in the UK by using traditional methods and only the finest materials available. The materials used are silver and mahogany wood and there’s much intricate detail such as the detail of a traditional golfer detailed on one side of the jug. This claret jug is over 15 inches tall and is  offered with a lifetime guarantee,  truly excellent Golf Trophies Claret Jug.

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If this is a little over budget then we have a wonderful range of Nickel plated jugs, new technology allows us to offer these metal claret trophies at a really excellent price.

Our range of expertly crafted Nickel-plated claret jugs all in the affordable price range of under £30! With a tarnish resistant silver looking finish these models are truly beautiful and eye catching. The Nickel Plated Brass Claret Jugs stand at over six inches tall and have two different areas you can add engraving too - on the trophy body and also on the plate on the heavy weight base which the trophy is expertly mounted on. There at 7 different fonts from which to choose when considering your engraving and the option to add your logo, as with all of our products and email of the image design will be sent to yourself before we begin etching. All our claret jugs are finely packed in protective presentation box to ensure no damage occurs during transit.

So why not make sure your awards ceremony is the talk of the 19th hole this season! Take a look today at our stunning trophies.

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