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Golf Awards Funny from Silver Trophies - Playfully Perfect

Golf Awards Funny -Make your golf award ceremonies fun and fresh.

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You’ve been holding award ceremonies for years now but noticed that the numbers are dwindling. People are still coming but they don’t look as interested as they once did. It may be time to make a change to your awards. You can certainly keep the usual big awards going but to create a sense of community and fun at your awards ceremonies you need to come up with something new and different.  If you want to get away from the boring corporate golf awards and make your awards ceremonies bright, fun and fresh, then every awards ceremony requires those funny awards to lighten the atmosphere and create laughter amongst the crowds and here at SilverTrophy.com we have a whole range of funny golf awards to brighten those vital yet sometimes long award ceremonies with a dollop of humour. They may not be displayed in ones impressive display cabinets amongst the crystal and sterling silver but they will certainly be kept as a memory to smile at.

Affordable fun

These awards are highly affordable starting at under £10 and some, especially our ‘Married To Golf’ figurine are quite often bought as gifts by the wives who lose much of their husband to the sport! A popular choice is the £9.99 comical ‘Monthly Medalist Everyday Hero’  which is an endearing little award standing at 4 inches high. Although on the cheap and cheerful side of things there’s still a lot of quality handiwork goes into this little fellow like the hand painting of the figure making him wear a broad and heroic smile of achievement. We engrave this model with your words of up to 100 characters and your choice of ‘Gothic’ or ‘Times’ fonts. We engrave with our bright silver effect this makes it really stand out against the black plate. This happy fellow will be delivered to your door, or choice of address within 3-5 days after placing your order.

Golf Awards Funny Golf Awards Funny

We have many styles available under the golf figurines section of our website and all can be viewed by our zooming in option on the website which shows you the intricate detail as if the product was in front of your eyes being viewed through a magnifying glass. This allows you to see that although the figurine is comical and inexpensive the detail and hand painted finish is still high quality.

This funny golf awards are ideal as a unique, and special, gift for the golf lover in your life. Their prices are extremely affordable yet they offer something totally different for a Birthday or Christmas gift, they show extreme thoughtfulness and with the 200 character limit for engraving you can add a heartfelt message to support the thoughtfulness of the gift or indeed a joke to back up the comical side, the choice is yours! Golf Awards Funny from SilverTrophy.com

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