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The Football League Cup Is Coming to a Close

The Football League Cup is currently part way through its semi-finals, with the first leg complete and the second leg scheduled in for January 26th and 27th. So far Everton have managed a 2-1 triumph over Manchester City while Liverpool have beaten Stoke City with a 1-0 win. We’re eager to see how it all turns and, whoever goes through, we can’t wait to see an exciting match in the finals.

The Football Trophy to Play For

Each year 92 times vie for the honour of taking home the League Cup.  Unlike many sporting events, the Football League still awards its original trophy that, a few slight gaps, has been awarded since 1961. The trophy stands unquestioned as a symbol of football heritage.

Football League Cup Trophy

Seen above in the colours of its first winners, Aston Villa, the League Cup trophy is nothing more than a work of art.

The original trophy was commissioned by Football League president Joe Richards. Although Richards was confident that one day it would be played for at Wembley, he didn’t think it would happen during his own lifetime. Fortunately, in 1967, the final made its debut at Wembley Stadium just one year before his death.

The trophy itself is silver and is modelled in a traditional Georgian style, featuring an urn shape with C-scroll handles. The body is further decorated with shell and scroll panels. Its plinth was actually made separately to complete the design, and features an inscribed silver band. In total, the trophy weighs in at precisely 2,976 grams and measures up at 27cm in height.

Bespoke Engraved Football Trophies

Our own range of football trophies and awards is vast enough to cater to events of any size. Whether it is a school level event, a local league or something larger, we have options that can suit you. Things like our Golden Boot and Golden Glove are ideal for MVP awards for a striker or keeper. You could even award the referee of the season with a silver-plated whistle. For your big winners, we have a variety of larger football trophies that are sure to impress.

Whatever football awards you are looking for, we can provide them with bespoke engravings of your winning team or star players. We strive to ensure that all of our trophies and awards are crafted to the highest standards and, best of all, they are available delivered to your door in only 3 – 5 working days. If you any questions or queries about our trophies or the work that we do, we are always happy to help. It’s as easy as clicking ‘contact us.

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