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Engraved Plaques Awards - Laser engraving in action video

Engraved Plaques & Awards - laser engraving gives superb results

All technology moves forwards and the latest addition to our engraving facilities here at Silvertrophy.com are our LASER engraving machines. Laser machines allows us to engrave on to your Engraved Plaques Awards with wonderful accuracy, letting us produce really intricate designs and images as well as super crisp text. The speed the machines work allow us to be really competitive on the costs of your engraving, all savings in time we are very happy to pass on as savings to your awards budget.

The video shows the engraving in actual time, it is not speeded up. The technology requires our engravers to wear dark safety glasses,but my video camera was able to record the laser cutting the plaque without any restrictions, so we see it as it actually cuts into the award. The effect is fascinating, the text appears with magical effect, almost looking like a special effect from Star Trek!


We still engrave daily on our traditional diamond cutting engraving machines which handle all the work onto traditional trophies, the new LASER machines are there to produce intricate engraved plaques at a fantastic price. They also engrave onto our Pens, steel and nickel salvers and plates etc.

I love the way technology has entered into our very traditional industry, making new exciting awards possible. Engraved Plaques Awards may never be the same again.

Steve Allen - Silvertrophy.com Ltd

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