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Do you need help organising trophies and awards for your next event?

Ok so you need to organise a trophy for an event or occasion but you don't know where to start.

First of all you need to ask if it's going to be a perpetual trophy or an award to be presented to an individual or group of individuals.

Perpetual Trophies and Awards

A perpetual trophy is an award given to the winner or winning team of a competition which they hold until the next game or event is played for.

For an award that needs to be presented annually we would recommend a silver or nickel finish trophy with a plinth band. The plinthbands available with our awards are circular bands which fit right around the base. The winners names can be engraved onto the band year after year which is a great way to show the history of the competition.

How do I organise the engraving
With perpetual engraving it is usual practice to place the year before the winner’s name, as the winners details are engraved over time, having the years left justified underneath each other gives an overall balanced appearance.

2002 S Trophy         2006 A Ward
2003 N Plate            2005 V Cross
2004 A Medal           2007 S Plate

Trophies and awards L566 Trophy

A fine example of a perpetual trophy is our L566 The Masters Challenge Cup. This can be engraved with the title of the event in the space provided on the award body and the winners details on the plinthband.










Silver salvers and Handcut Crystal Awards also make excellent perpetual awards.

Recognition Trophies and Awards

For an award being presented to an individual or group of individuals you need to think about the type of award you want to present, as there are many to choose from. We have traditional trophy cups in Nickel and Silver plate, Plaques, Shields, Trays & Salvers, Glass and hand cut Crystal Awards.

What's your budget?  - work out how much you have to spend on trophies and awards. When awarding large quantities of trophies and awards to staff at corporate events, we would very much recommend giving crystal and glass awards. Trophies and awards made from glass and crystal have much lower production costs than their metal equivalent (especially if you're comparing to their premium silver plated peers).

How do I organise the engraving

AC87 Crystal Award AC87 Crystal Award

Many of our awards come with two areas suitable for engraving, as seen here with the AC87 Crystal Award.
Each of our product have clearly identified areas for engraving. For full details of where you can have your engraving please see the description of the award itself.

Trophies and Awards help!

If you need help in organising an award for an upcoming event give us a call on 01922 862431 or drop us an email to sales@silvertrophy.com and we will get back to you.

Come take a look to see what we have to offer www.silvertrophy.com

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