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Bleeding Heart Security - no worries on Silvertrophy.com

As you may have heard in the news, there has been a security risk associated with some websites, allowing your personal details to be at risk.
We have always taken security very seriously at silvertrophy.com and we can confirm our website is not at risk from this security risk.
Your details are secure. If you wish to check any website, then please follow this link and and type in the web address, you will see an instant result as to if the site is a risk.

What customer details do we hold?

Well at Silvertrophy.com we do not ever see your credit card details, these are processed by a company called Worldpay, who are one of the leading online transaction banks. Our staff never get to see your card details when you place an order online. We do not hold copies of your card details.

If you place and order we do have your email and delivery address on our system and a record of what you bought. We keep it to these essentials. What details we do have we keep very secure.

So although you may have heard a lots about The Bleeding Heart security problem, it is not one which has affected our Silvertrophy.com shop.

Warm regards,
Steve Allen

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